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November 03, 1998
New Form Of Inherited Dwarfism In Large Pakistani Family Caused By Genetic Mutation In A Pituitary Receptor
Northwestern University researchers have identified a new, genetically inherited form of dwarfism in a large, inbred family from a remote area of Pakistan.

Results Of Poisoning Visible In Urine
Toxic substances release chemical compounds which can quickly react with human tissue, thereby causing damage.

Low Self-Esteem Does Not Cause Delinquency, Study Finds
Contrary to popular belief, new research suggests that low self-esteem in adolescents does not lead to later delinquent behavior.

Laser Pulse Controls Chemical Reactions By 'Freezing' Energy Flow
For more than 30 years, chemists have attempted to control chemical reactions by using the pulse of a laser, often with discouraging results.

Wives' Impact On Men's Careers Depends On Attitudes, Finances
The impact wives have on their husbands' career choices depends not just on financial considerations, but also on the attitudes of both spouses, new research suggests.

Radar-Processing Algorithm Produces High-Resolution Lunar Images
Superior radar images of the moon, inner planets and asteroids are possible with a

A Bird In The Hand? Proverbs Show Differering Cultural Views
A new study uses an unusual source -- proverbs -- to reveal cultural differences in how Chinese and American citizens view risks and risk-taking.

UK Researchers Find That Postoperative Radiotherapy Prevents Death From Neurologic Causes In Patients With Brain Cancer
UK Chandler Medical Center researchers have shown that surgical treatment plus radiation therapy is superior to surgery alone in treatment of the most common brain tumors.

Hopkins Researchers Find Genetic Colon Cancer Change In Healthy Cells
Johns Hopkins scientists have found a genetic alteration associated with common forms of colon cancer in patients' normal cells.

Ovarian Hormone Could Play Key Role In Easier, Safer Childbirth
The ovarian hormone relaxin, already in final clinical testing for the treatment of an often fatal connective-tissue disease, may have another important therapeutic role -- enabling easier and safer childbirth when labor is induced, says a researcher who reports a series of significant findings on relaxin's effects on the cervix in humans and rats.

Rockefeller Researchers Show First Evidence For Naturally Occurring Tumor Immunity In Humans
A team of researchers from The Rockefeller University have shown for the first time that humans are able to develop naturally occurring immunity to cancer.

Technology Combats Engine Failures In Tanks
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers are developing a technology that could boost the U.S.

Nutrition Therapy Helps Patients Emotionally, Research Shows
People receiving nutrition counseling to help control an illness don't just eat better -- they often feel better emotionally and more in control of their condition, a new study suggests.

Spectrometer Measures Auroras' Impact On Ionosphere
A new imaging spectrometer developed at the University of Illinois will assist scientists who are studying auroras and their effects upon Earth's atmosphere.

Human Eye Unknowingly Distracted By Irrelevant Objects, Study Finds
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