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November 26, 1998
New Analysis Of Global Temperature: Year-to-Year Correlations Reveal Human Fingerprint
A new analysis of 115 years of global temperature data, compared to output from two computer models, strengthens the argument that human- caused greenhouse-gas emissions are warming the earth's atmosphere.

Chinese And US Scientists Identify The World's Oldest Flowering Plant
Chinese and American researchers have identified the world's oldest flowering plant, a scrap of vegetation believed to have been buried by volcanic ash 140 million years ago.

Alcohol Consumption, Resistance To Its Effects Related To Levels Of Neurotransmitter, Say UW Researchers
Science doesn't understand why some people are more prone to alcoholism and alcohol abuse, but University of Washington researchers have discovered that concentrations of a neurotransmitter in the brains of mice are directly related to alcohol consumption and resistance to the sedative effects of alcohol.

Early Nutrition In Babies May Have Long Term Effects On The Brain
Early nutrition can significantly influence mental ability in later life, according to research in this week's BMJ.

Christmas Travellers Are Warned Of Malaria Risks
People planning to travel to malarial areas during their Christmas break are warned in this week's BMJ to seek expert advice now on which malaria drugs are most effective for the region they are visiting, and to ensure that they comply with this advice.

(Blue) Light At The End Of The Tunnel?
Winslow Briggs and colleagues at Carnegie Institution's Department of Plant Biology have announced that they have isolated the photorecepter for phtooropism, the process whereby plants grow in the direction of light. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to