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December 02, 1998
Imaging Camera Developed At Toshiba Stroke Research Center Could Provide Views Of Tiniest Brain Vessels
Researchers at the University at Buffalo's Toshiba Stroke Research Center have developed a prototype camera that can turn blurred X-ray images of brain stents made of thin wire into images clear enough to detect the condition of wire as fine as a hair.

Surf's Up: Computer Wavelet Tool Filters Information
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory researchers are developing an escape from information anxiety - TOPIC ISLANDS™.

Sick-Building Syndrome Help In New Book
A new book,

A New Form Of Information Sharing At INSERM A Daily International Rendez-Vous On The Internet
European and American scientists meeting at Annecy, France on December 7 to 9 to present their latest data on Atherosclerosis and Infections will inaugurate a novel form of communication.

A Computer Helps Thieves To Commit The Perfect Crime
Three million cars on Britain's roads can be unlocked easily by hackers using a handheld computer.

Could A Nasal Vaccine Finally Get Rid Of The Black Death?
Nose drops based on a new vaccine can protect mice from bubonic plague, say researchers at the University of Birmingham.

Cells From Mother Can Boost Success Of Sibling-To-Sibling Kidney Transplants
Kidney transplants between siblings with slightly different tissue types are as much as 28 percent more likely to survive long-term when maternal tissue types are used to determine the donor, a new study from the University of Wisconsin Medical School suggests.

New Discovery Is Potential Key To Obesity Treatment
Scientists say they have demonstrated, for the first time, how a newly discovered and purified protein regulates control of feeding behavior.

Auburn Students Tackle Space Station Tool Kit Challenge
Industrial Design Students from Auburn University, Auburn, AL have designed a temporary stowage kit for the International Space Station.

Potential Benefits Of Autopsy Increase As Number Performed In U.S. Continues To Decline
Despite the benefits of autopsy - including better information on cause of death, efficacy of treatment and undiagnosed disease - the U.S. autopsy rate has dropped from nearly 50 percent during the post World War II years to an estimated fewer than 10 percent today.

Discovery Of New Fossils In Gobi Desert Of Mongolia Provides Important Insight Into Early Mammal Evolution
A team of scientists announced on December 3rd, in the journal Nature, the discovery of new specimens of an early relative of marsupials that provide a rare insight into the evolutionary split that led to the rise of modern marsupials and placental mammals.

A Surprising New Theory On How People With AIDS Develop Dementia
A research team in Australia may have solved the mystery on how one in five AIDS patients develop dementia.

Did You Know? The Truth About The Poinsettia
Poinsettias are commonly found in North American homes during the holiday season.

Ozone Above Indian Ocean Linked To African Lightning
In one of the first studies to trace lightning's chemical impact across thousands of miles, a team at the National Center for Atmospheric Research has connected elevated ozone levels in the eastern Indian Ocean with lightning produced in Africa.

New Treatments Options, Research For Parkinson's Disease
A new type of brain surgery, Stereotactic-guided placement of a deep brain stimulator, done while the patient is awake, is helping to control tremors in Parkinson's Disease patients at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center's Neurofunctional Surgery Center, and new research may ultimately offer hope of a cure.

New Report Looks At Causes Of Injury Death In San Francisco; Compares Data With Other Major California Cities
Injury claims the lives of ten San Franciscans every week, with drug overdoses and other poisonings causing one-third of these deaths, according to a new report.

Balloons Could Be A Cheap Alternative To Satellites
Superballoons, which can float for months at a time on the edge of space, could one day take over some of the work of satellites and for less than a tenth of the cost. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to