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December 30, 1998
Researchers Discover Why Some Athletes' Performances Fail To Improve On A Live-High, Train-Low Regimen
Exercise physiology researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas have learned why certain athletes don't respond to the internationally accepted

American Heart Association Announces Top 10 Research Advances For 1998 -- Gene Therapy Among The List
Gene therapy to grow new blood vessels to the heart, strong confirmation that

Fortress Of Refuge For Olympic Beauty Destroyed By Quake, According To New Findings By University Of Cincinnati Archaeologist
Sometime near 1200 B.C., something destroyed three Bronze Age citadels in Greece.

BNL Scientists Report On A Natural Cleanup Solution For Polluted Soil & Incinerator Ash
A new, natural method for cleaning toxic metals and radioactive elements from polluted soil and other wastes is described by Brookhaven Lab scientists in an article in Environmental Science & Technology.

UI Researchers Make Information Gathering Easier For Doctors, Patients And Students
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