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January 01, 1999
Gene Therapy Incorporates Molecular Rheostat For Controlled, Long-Term Drug Delivery
Using a unique combination of innovative technologies, scientists have demonstrated the ability to introduce therapeutic genes into the body and then, further, to precisely control the activity of those genes with a drug that could be given as a simple pill.

Want To Eat Less Fat? Resolve To Read Food Labels
Do food-nutrition labels really help people choose healthier, lower-fat foods?

Plastic Cars - The "World Cars" Of The Future
Plastic cars that are lightweight, fully recyclable, cheap to run and extremely fuel efficient are likely to be the vehicles for the developing world.

War Over Water Predicted By United Nations Environment Official
A future war over water is a distinct possibility, according to Klaus Toepfer, director-general of the United Nations Environment Programme.

Changes In Resting Energy Expenditure After Weight Loss In Obese African American And White Women
The prevalence of obesity is greater in Black than white women in the U.S.

Medicare Policy Contradicts Preferred Treatment For Precancerous Skin Conditions, Westwood Squibb Center For Dermatology Research Reports
A Medicare policy designed to reduce the cost of treating precancerous skin lesions contradicts standard medical practice in the vast majority of cases, according to a study by researchers at the Westwood Squibb Center for Dermatology Research at Wake Forest University School of Medicine.

Polymers On The Piste
New polymers developed by DuPont are helping to make sure that skiing is safer, speedier and more stylish this winter.

Early Childhood Anemia And Mental Retardation
In this study of 10 year olds in Florida, the authors show that poor school perfomance and mild to moderate mental retardation can be linked to early childhood anemia.

Dietary Protein Intake And Risk Of Hip Fracture In Postmenopausal Women
A large retrospective study of postmenopausal Iowa women aged 55-69 showed that the risk of hip fracture was related specifically to poor dietary intake of animal protein in contrast to a lack of association with calcium or vitamin D in the diet.

Young Women Suffering Migraine Are At Greater Risk Of Stroke
In this week's BMJ researchers warn that young women who have a history of migraine are three and a half times more at risk of ischaemic stroke (stroke caused by a deficiency of blood to the brain due to constriction of or blockage in a blood vessel).

Brain Scans Detect Earliest Stages Of Alzheimer's Disease
New York University School of Medicine researchers have found a way to gauge the earliest signs of Alzheimer's disease in the brain.

Mapping The Root Of Cocaine Craving: Surprising Findings On Drug's Effect In Brain Regions
Scientists have found that the part of the brain that is abnormal in some people with obsessive-compulsive disorder may also play a key role in craving and abuse of cocaine.

Wine Intake And Diet
Moderate alcohol drinking protects against coronary heart disease and red wine contains the most anti-oxidant compounds.

Gluing Cars Together
Making cars that are glued together, rather than welded, is now possible thanks to a new device that checks how well the 'sticky stuff' has set.

A Fifth Of Asian Children Deficient In 'Sunshine'
Vitamin D

A fifth of British Asian children show signs of iron deficiency, anaemia and vitamin D deficiency, according to research in this week's BMJ.

Female Army Recruits At Greater Risk Of Bone Trauma Than Males
Female army recruits in Britain may be more likely to endure stress fractures during basic training than their male counterparts, say M Macleod and colleagues at the Royal Hospital Haslar, Gosport, in this week's BMJ.

Polymers Under Pressure
A technique for examining the physical properties of polymers as they cool and contract is helping injection molding companies to accurately predict the final properties of the product they are moulding. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to