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January 23, 1999
Research Describes Human Origins Debate Before Darwin
Common wisdom holds that Charles Darwin's Origin of Species was the spark that ignited the debate about human origins.

AAAS Symposium Asks, "Will New Accountability Requirements Hinder Scientific Advance?"
ANAHEIM, Calif. -- A panel of scientists and research program evaluators will address the national science policy issue,

NICHD Child Care Study Investigators To Report On Child Care Quality
Researchers affiliated with the NICHD study of early child care will report that, in general, day care in the United States is

Few Middle School Math Textbooks Will Help Students Learn, Says AAAS Project 2061 Evaluation
Anaheim, Calif. -- In a rigorous analysis of 12 middle school mathematics textbooks, only four recently published series received high ratings, while the other more well-established textbooks were rated as unsatisfactory, according to Project 2061, the long-term math and science education reform initiative of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS)

Measuring Scientific Research: New Accountability Requirements Pose Tough Questions For Researchers And Funding Agencies
How do you measure the impact of basic research on society?

Genes Boost Rice Yields On Poorest Farms
Thanks to a technique known as genetic mapping, Cornell University scientists have for the first time located genetic factors that make significant increases in rice production under upland conditions and used this information as a key to improving yields for poor farmers.

Future Of West Tied To Saving, Not Extracting, The Land
The mythical road to riches in the American West has always been tied to a deeper coal mine, a bigger clear-cut, a greater take from the earth.

Quality Child Care Can Carry Social Benefits For Kids
If the quality is there, children in all varieties of child care show greater confidence with peers and more compliance with adults, according to one of the most expansive studies ever of child care in America.

Farmers Can Afford To Clean Up Gulf Of Mexico, Analysis Shows
A study of the cost of proposed changes in nitrogen management needed to eliminate the hypoxic zone, or dead zone, in the Gulf of Mexico has found that the American farm system can afford these changes -- barely.

'National Water Initiative' Proposed
The supply, quality and protection of water resources will be critical in the 21st century and will present Washington, aided by the nation's reservoir of academic brain power -- particularly in land-grant colleges -- with a

Long-Term Forecasting Could Give Nations Tools To Survive Climate Change
Long-term climate phenomena have happened throughout history, but scientists increasingly are able to see how cycles such as El NiƱo might affect weather a year or even a decade from now. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to