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January 24, 1999
From Inflammation And Autoimmunity To Nerve Regeneration And Protection
ANAHEIM, CA, January 24, 1999 -- New concepts, revealing a unique and surprising relationship between the central nervous and the immune systems, were presented today by Prof.

Perspectives On Dreaming: A Call For Integrating Psychoanalytic And Neuroscientific Approaches To Dream Studies
For much of this century, the fields of neuroscience and psychoanalysis have differed greatly in their theories on dreams.

Theorists And Theologians Contemplate The Implications Of Modern Cosmology
The science of cosmology is experiencing a golden age of discovery and is poised to deliver a revolutionary description of the nature and origin of the universe, says cosmologist Joel Primack, who will present his ideas on cosmology and culture at the AAAS meeting in Anaheim.

Estuaries Vital To The Productivity Of Southeastern U.S. Fisheries
About 80 percent of the commercially important seafood species along the Southeastern United States spend parts of their lives in estuaries, brackish coastal nursery areas that show signs of being degraded by human activities, according to a Duke University marine ecologist.

Researchers Find Genetic Connection To Cigarette Smoking
Quitting smoking can be difficult for some and almost impossible for others.

Should Scientists Become Players In Public Policy Debate?
As the 20th century draws to a close, scientists are under increasing pressure - and some say obligation - to use their research data and their status to influence public policy.

Resolving Conflicts -- What We Can Learn From The Apes
Research in chimpanzees by Frans de Waal at Yerkes Primate Research Center shows that conflict and conflict resolution are integrated parts of social relationships, determined by social factors and modifiable by the social environment.

Alien Species Cost U.S. $123 Billion A Year
A few of the more than 30,000 non-indigenous species in the United States cost $123 billion a year in economic losses, Cornell University ecologists estimate.

Lessons From El Niño: New Modeling Techniques Improve Prediction And Tracking Of Extreme Weather Events
The past year's extreme weather events and the subsequent outbreaks of infectious diseases suggests that a significant relationship between El Niño, extreme weather events, and a decline in human health. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to