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January 26, 1999
In Marital Arguments, Resignation May Have Its Reward
When husbands and wives argue, researchers have discovered, blood pressure goes up more if one spouse perceives the other as relatively dominant, but less if that spouse considers the other so clearly dominant that the argument is impossible to win or at least not worth the effort.

UNC Professor One Of 10 International Recipients Of A $1 Million McDonnell Foundation Centennial Fellowship
Dr. Keith A. Wailoo, associate professor of social medicine and history at UNC-CH, has been named one of 10 international recipients of a $1 million fellowship, which targets early career scientist-scholars for work that will contribute substantially to the development of knowledge and its responsible application in the next century.

Technology Historian Takes Students To "Eighth Wonder Of The World:" Las Vegas
A historian of technology who has studied the automobile, Silicon Valley and the military-industrial complex has now turned his attention to what he calls the

Did The Universe Begin As A Fractal Instead Of A Big Bang?
Many people envision the beginning of the universe as a rapidly expanding fireball.

Architecture Program Aims To Make Buildings More Resistant To Terrorism And Catastrophes
When disaster strikes, people evacuate. That's because the structures that normally protect us -- buildings, bridges, dams, and tunnels -- are often the most dangerous places to be during catastrophes like hurricanes, earthquakes, industrial accidents, or terrorist attacks.

Genetics Not Significant To Developing Typical Parkinson's Disease
Genetic factors do not play a significant role in causing the most common form of Parkinson's disease (PD).

New Surgery At Cedars-Sinai Provides Hope For Epilepsy Patient Who Has Had A Lifetime Of Seizures
In Dec. 1998, Mary Kate Welsh, who had suffered with epilepsy since babyhood, became the first patient at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center to undergo surgery while she was awake to disconnect the language cortex without affecting speech.

Study Documents Effects Of Cellulite-Smoothing Technique
A Vanderbilt University Medical Center study shows Endermologie, a technique of using a system of rollers and a vacuum device to manipulate the skin, works to smooth cellulite.

New Findings On Lung Transplantation And Esophageal Cancer
Although it is widely believed that lungs cannot safely be preserved beyond four to six hours until transplanted, a review of more than 350 cases at the University of Pittsburgh suggests otherwise.

Soy May Decrease Cancer Risks, Wake Forest Researcher Says
Dietary soy may reduce the risk of cancer by counteracting the cell-proliferating effect of estrogen-replacement therapy, a Wake Forest University researcher reported today (Jan. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to