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February 04, 1999
Older Population, Increasing Retirement Age May Add To Challenge Of Working After Having A Stroke
As more people continue to work after the age of 65 and the older population in the U.S.

Robocasting: Sandia Develops New Way To Fabricate Ceramics
An engineer at Sandia National Laboratories has developed a new way to fabricate ceramics that requires no molds or machining.

Synthetic Lock Binds Some Molecules, Excludes Others
Like locks accepting keys, proteins function by being able to let one particularly shaped molecule inside while barring others.

Technique Measures Muscle Contraction At Molecular Level
A measurement technique originally designed for studying interactions within molecules of DNA has been used to examine muscle movement at the molecular level, shedding light on how myosin and actin interact to create movement, says a University of Illinois researcher who developed the procedure.

Researchers Identify Key Gene That Controls Emergence Of Salmonella
A gene that dictates salmonella's ability to live dormantly or cause disease in pigs has been found by researchers at the University of Illinois.

TV, Computers Can Be Tools To Encourage Young Readers, Scholars Say
Looking for a way to boost your child's interest in reading?

Household Fungus Contributes To "Sick Building Syndrome"
Plant pathologists' and mycologists' wealth of expertise with fungi and molds help educate the public about home and building molds and specifically, the possible dangers of S. chartarum.

UF Researcher: New Techniques Help Reconstruct Ancient Diets
With a unique combination of two scientific techniques, a University of Florida paleontologist and colleagues analyzed fossilized horse teeth to see what the animals ate, and in doing so reconstructed Florida's environment as it existed 5 million years ago.

'Electronic Artifacts' To Be Made Available For Children To Examine
Most schoolchildren have at least an annual relationship with museums: their end-of-the-year class field trip.

Leadership Skills Make A Difference On The Line, Not Just In The Office
Corporations spend a lot of money on leadership training for their executives and middle managers, and research has proven the benefits.

Processing Method May Make Tasty Soy Cereals And Snacks A Reality
Cereals and snacks containing soy may be moving closer to the American kitchen, say University of Illinois scientists who are tweaking the extrusion processing method to deliver soy's potential health benefits in products that pass public scrutiny on taste and texture.

UF Scientist Seeks Super Sea Oats
Gulf Coast sea oats are genetically different from sea oats on the Atlantic Coast, a difference that may be the key to preserving Florida's dune system -- and keeping coastal residents safe -- in the face of tropical storms and hurricanes.

"Telestroke" Emerges As A New Way To Treat Stroke Patients; Could Become Even More Intregal In Saving Lives And Money
DALLAS, Feb. 5 --

Getting The Wind Up In SOHO: ESA/NASA Spacecraft Detects Source Of High Speed "Wind" From The Sun
Scientists from NASA and different European institutes, among them the Max Planck Institute of Aeronomy in Katlenburg/Germany, have identified regions on the Sun where the high speed solar wind originates, using the Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO) spacecraft (Science, Vol.

Kids More Likely To Seek Help If Teachers Remove Fear Of Feeling Dumb
Logic would suggest that students who struggle most in the classroom would ask most for help.

When Treated Like Seriously Injured Car Accident Victims, Stroke Sufferers In Rural Areas Receive Prompt Emergency Care
Helicopter transport already helps save the lives of car accident victims and, according to researchers, it could help save stroke victims as well.

Going Comet Wild
The Stardust spacecraft is poised to blast off on a rendezvous with a comet - and set to bring back pieces of a comet tail to Earth.

Knots Of Evaporating Gas In Supernova Remnant Support Theory
The expanding shock wave of a supernova remnant in the Large Magellanic Cloud has provided strong evidence to support a popular model of the interstellar medium, says a University of Illinois astronomer who directed an international team studying the object.

X-Ray Structure In Supernova Remnants Linked To Age
A team of astronomers studying supernova remnants has found direct evidence linking the pattern of their X-ray emission to the size -- and therefore, age -- of the remnants.

Demand -- And Salaries -- For Engineers On The Rise
Larry Huggins, associate dean of engineering at Purdue University, says,

Study Finds Clot-Busting Drug Ineffective Or Even Harmful If Not Used Soon After A Stroke
A powerful clot-busting stroke drug may be at best ineffective or at worst harmful if not used within a three- hour window after a stroke.

Experimental Drug Derived From Snake Venom Shows Promise In Reversing Effects Of Stroke
A stroke therapy derived from snake venom? According to researchers, it's not a snake oil story, but instead a possible new way to help people recover from the devastating effects of stroke. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to