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February 22, 1999
Chelation Therapy May Alter Immune System
A commonly used drug for reducing toxicological effects of lead poisoning, DMSA, may alter the immune system, a Cornell University study of pregnant rats and their offspring has found.

Mojave Desert Is Subject Of Las Vegas Science Meeting
A forum that brings together researchers and managers to examine the status of scientific knowledge about the Mojave Desert will be hosted by the U.S.

It's All In The Mind... Brain Mapping Of Sexual Arousal
The team led by Serge Stoleru (INSERM research unit 292, specialized in public health, Paris) have just identified the brain regions activated during sexual arousal in men, by positron emission tomography.

Harbor Branch Web Developers Bring Adventures @Sea To Every Desktop
They may seem like excerpts from adventure novels, but intriguing episodes are happening every day in the everyday lives of real marine scientists.

Women Who Have Invasive Cervical Cancer Benefit From Addition Of Chemotherapy To Radiation Treatment
In a landmark study involving researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in St.

Physical Activity Exerts Many Heart-Healthy Benefits
Physical activity does more than tone up the heart and reduce the risk of heart attacks.

Ablatherm: An Ultrasound Device For Prostate Cancer Therapy
The results of the clinical trial - using Ablatherm, the first ultrasound device specifically designed to treat prostate cancer - indicate that ultrasound therapy could well become an alternative for patients with localized prostate cancer who do not qualify for surgery.

Public Access To Federally Funded Research Data To Be Focus Of AAAS Briefing
Washington, DC - February 22, 1999 - Preserving the confidentiality of human health research and protecting intellectual property rights will be among the issues discussed with the scientific community during a briefing cosponsored by AAAS and Federal Focus, Inc. on February 26 about a federal mandate to allow public access to data from federally funded research.

Treadmill Test Plus Radioactive Imaging Identifies Those Who Exercise For Long Periods, But Are Still At Risk For Heart Problems
Researchers say that taking images of the heart using radioactive material after a traditional treadmill test may better identify those who are able to exercise for long periods of time, but are still at increased risk for heart attack, death, or the need for bypass surgery or balloon angioplasty.

NYU/Max Planck Team Unravels 200-Year Mystery Of Proton Diffusion In Water
Using computer simulations that fully represent the quantum- mechanical nature of the proton, an NYU/Max Planck team has proposed an explanation to the 200-year-old riddle of why protons in water are so much more mobile than other ions.

The President's Coral Reef Task Force Meets On March 5-6
Coral reefs are in crisis worldwide. One of the least known environmental emergencies is the decline of coral reefs globally. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to