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February 23, 1999
Substance Abuse May Curb Body's Stress Reactions
Teenage substance abusers display a pattern of heart rate and other physiological changes in response to loud noise, offering clues to how and why some young people develop substance use disorders.

Emu Meat Not A Popular Choice Among Consumers, Study Shows
Emu, a flightless bird native to Australia, is a healthy alternative to other red meats, dietitians say.

Lack Of Exercise, High Intakes Of Sugar And Saturated Fat: A Recipe For Gallstones, UB Study Finds
The Western lifestyle of little exercise, lots of saturated fat, loads of refined sugar and little fiber is a major risk factor for the development of yet another chronic medical condition -- gallstones -- a new University at Buffalo study shows.

Forecaster Predicts U.S. Economy's Strong Performance Will Continue
CHAPEL HILL - People have called Dr. James F. Smith an optimistic economic forecaster, one who is frequently on the high side when predicting national growth and the low side when predicting inflation and interest rates.

Satellite Laser To Take The Pulse Of West Antarctic Ice Sheet
By shining a laser from space onto the Antarctic and Greenland, scientists may soon peel away some of the mystery surrounding the fate of the massive ice sheets that, through natural fluctuation or human-induced climate change, could drastically alter the levels of the world's oceans.

Giant Ocean Eddies Discovered
Australian and US oceanographers have discovered huge ocean eddies a kilometre deep in the Indian Ocean, north-west of Australia.

Childhood Obesity, Diabetes And Hyperlipidemia
Body fat distribution may determine risk for diabetes and hyperlipidemia.

Plant-Based Fat May Reduce Risk Of Prostate Cancer By Altering Testosterone Metabolism, UB Study Shows
Plant-based fats may cut the risk of prostate cancer by reducing the levels of both testosterone and certain enzymes that metabolize testosterone into more active forms, a new study by University at Buffalo nutrition researchers has shown.

NSF To Establish "Cybersystem" For Earthquake Engineering Simulation
A top National Science Foundation [NSF] official today described to a House subcommittee how the NSF plans to use information technology [IT] to establish a cyber Network for Earthquake Engineering Simulation [NEES].

National Geography Illiteracy Reflects Disinterest With The Subject, Study Suggests
Ever wonder why so many American students can't find Vietnam on the map or are hard-pressed to explain why the District of Columbia isn't a state?

Researcher Examines History Of The Gay Rights Movement
Massive rioting over police harassment at a New York gay bar transformed the gay rights movement into powerful protest force in 1969.

Perception Of Rock Music Depends On Age, Studies Suggest
If older people don't like rock music, it may have more to do with the physiology of aging rather than generational differences, according to studies at Ohio University.

Virginia Tech Center For Transportation Research Teams With SHENTEL To Develop Traveler Information Systems
The Virginia Tech Center for Transportation Research, in partnership with SHENTEL Service Co., has been selected to lead the development of a comprehensive advanced traveler information system (ATIS) for the Shenandoah Valley region of Virginia, and then to expand that model statewide.

Folate Status During Lactation
The importance of folic acid supplementation through prolonged lactation was established in a study of 42 women consuming adequate dietary folate. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to