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February 25, 1999
Researchers Find How Two Cancer Genes Interact To Cause Malignancy
Researchers at Duke University Medical Center have discovered how two cancer-causing genes can interact to transform normal cells into cancerous cells, adding further insight into the long-held theory that cancers require mutations in multiple genes.

Panel: Government Should Double Spending On Technology
The federal government needs to more than double its spending on computer and information technology over the next five years to halt a trend threatening the nation's progress, a report delivered to President Clinton recommends.

Antiviral From Advanced Viral Research Corp. Inhibits CCR5 Cell Receptor For HIV
Yonkers, NY, February 25, 1999 - Advanced Viral Research Corp.

Blacks At Higher Risk For Death From Heart Failure, Finds NHLBI Study
The results of a new study suggest that black patients with congestive heart failure are at higher risk for death and for worsening of their disease than similarly treated white patients.

Who Benefits From Climate Forecasts? Columbia Scientists Tackle Thorny Question
Two researchers at Columbia University and a third at the National Center for Atmospheric Research examine the fishing sector in Peru.

Delay Can Be Dangerous For Patients Who Have Had A Stroke
Many people who experience a stroke are very stoic and feel that the weakness or the slurred speech they're experiencing will just go away.

Improved Medications Can Nip Allergy Season In The Bud
Although studies suggest that the number of people with allergies is growing, there are now highly effective medications available that do not produce unwanted side effects such as drowsiness.

Engineered Glass Tempering Halts Cracks
Few things are as fragile as glass, and if a Penn State researcher has his way, some types of glass will be less fragile.

Rigorous Evaluation Of "Hospitalist" Model Needed To Determine Impact Of This New Medical Specialty, According To UCSF Health Policy Researchers
In today's increasingly competitive health care environment, many changes are occurring to improve patients' clinical outcomes and to decrease costs.

Rational Shopping Behavior: Grocery Shopping Tips From Wharton & UCLA Professors
Cost-conscious shoppers can get more for their money by carefully planning when to buy at their local supermarkets and when to shop at everyday low-price outlets, according to a paper in a journal published by the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMSĀ®).

MIT Researcher's Test Can Save Millions Of Dollars For Microelectronics Industry
An MIT researcher has come up with a test that zaps microelectronics components with laser light to determine whether they were flawed in the manufacturing process. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to