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March 01, 1999
The Gravity Of The Matter
A new Atom Interferometer-Based Gravity Gradiometer developed at Yale University has the potential to outperform existing gravity-sensing technologies while reducing cost and improving reliability.

UI Researcher Finding Ways To Make Cochlear Implants Better Mimic Normal Hearing
Using a computer model, Jay Rubinstein, M.D., Ph.D., a University of Iowa assistant professor of otolaryngology, and physiology and biophysics, has found a way to better mimic the natural spontaneous activity of the normal cochlea, which could lead to improved hearing for people who rely on cochlear implants.

Medical Tip Sheet B
  1. Cedars-Sinai scientists localize new Ataxia/Epilepsy gene;
  2. Fitness training starts with

    Exhaust System Reduces Auto Emissions, Boosts Engine Performance
    A new automobile exhaust system both reduces pollution and boosts engine power.

    Modeling Atmospheric Aerosols
    Sponsored by the Office of Naval Research, a three-week experiment called Electro-Optical Propagation Assessment in Coastal Environments is currently underway to improve the atmospheric aerosol models for predicting infrared propagation near the ocean surface and in coastal environments.

    Adolescent Girls Give Parents More Help And Affection Than Boys
    Adolescent girls are more helpful and affectionate toward their parents than adolescent boys.

    Fermilab Physicists Find New Matter-Antimatter Asymmetry
    Announcment of significant advance in the understanding of the difference in the way matter and anitimatter behave.

    Detecting Deadly Land Mines
    Advanced computer technology developed by an ONR-sponsored researcher at Johns Hopkins University can find above-ground mines in an aerial picture in less than a minute.

    Susceptibility Genes For Nicotine Addiction
    A linkage study was conducted to identify chromosomal regions linked to nicotine dependence in two independent family sets.

    Pediatric Tip Sheet
    Pediatric Tip Sheet

    1. Coffee Consumption And Inadequate Dietary Protein Related To Serum Homocysteine
      This study of 260 retired Baltimore schoolteachers showed correlations between both coffee consumption and inadequate dietary protein with elevations in serum homocysteine, a known risk factor for cardiovascular disease.

      Obese Black Teens At High Risk For Diabetes, Study Suggests
      A new study suggests that Black teenagers have a greater risk of developing diabetes as adults than do their white counterparts.

      High School Students' Violent Behavior, Drinking, Sexual Activity Drops, And School Performance Rises From Elementary School Interventions
      A package of interventions targeted at teachers, parents and children throughout the elementary school years had long- lasting effects in reducing levels of violent behavior, heavy drinking and sexual intercourse and in improving school performance at age 18 among a multi-ethnic sample of urban children in a 12-year study by University of Washington researchers

      Health Benefits Of Fitness
      Cardiorespiratory fitness and body fatness were measured by treadmill in 21,925 men aged 30-83, of whom 428 died over 8 year followup.

      Fungal Disease Threatens Global Banana Production
      Black Sigatoka, a fungal disease with a voracious appetite for banana foliage, is spreading through banana production regions of the world and imposing a heavy toll on the food security and export economies of the producing nations.

      In Colorado State's Veterinary Foal Care Program, Student Volunteers Provide All-Night Care For Sick And Very Needy Patients
      A five-year-old, all-volunteer program staffed and run by more than 100 Colorado State University professional veterinary and pre-veterinary students provide critical care for foals and other young animals.

      Infrared Thermometers A Good Alternative For Use On Newborns
      Taking a newborn's temperature with an infrared thermometer placed under the arm is just as reliable as taking a rectal temperature, new research suggests.

      Superconductor "Sees" Longer Wavelengths
      A new superconducting device detects single light quanta, photons, at wavelengths longer than previously possible, and does so with remarkable speed and sensitivity.

      Up-Front Rejection The Best Policy For Most Refusal Letters
      Businesses and others who write rejection letters are better off delivering the bad news up front rather than placing it lower in the letter.

      Alzheimer's Disease Begins Before Symptoms Appear
      The changes in the brain that characterize Alzheimer's disease begin long before people develop clinical symptoms such as memory loss, a new study suggests.

      Low Folate Levels In African American And Mexican American Adults
      Low folate levels are a risk for neural tube defects in offspring and potentially other diseases.

      Do You Hear What I Hear?
      Proprietary technology developed by the Naval Medical Research Laboratory in Pensacola, Fla., will result in more effective hearing protection devices for Service personnel exposed to high-level, on-the-job noise.

      UI Researchers Find Possible Genetic Link Between The X Chromosome And Ovarian Cancer
      An imbalance in how genes are expressed on a female's two X chromosomes may lead to the development of ovarian cancer in some women, according to a University of Iowa study.

      NASA Exhibit, Experts In San Diego To Focus On Space Research To Improve Earth-Based Industries
      Promising technologies for industry -- enhanced by science experiments in space -- will be discussed by NASA representatives at the Minerals, Metals and Materials Society's annual meeting in San Diego, Calif., March 1-3.

      Building A Better Plasma Trap
      Researchers at U.C. San Diego have succeeded in trapping plasma with a combination of static electric and magnetic fields.

      American Academy Of Pediatrics Releases New Circumcision Policy
      CHAPEL HILL - After analysis of almost 40 years of medical research on circumcision, the American Academy of Pediatrics issued new recommendations today (March 1) stating that the benefits are not significant enough for the AAP to recommend circumcision as a routine procedure.

      Interstate Highway 95 Contributes To North Carolina Syphilis Spread
      CHAPEL HILL - Interstate 95, which snakes through the eastern third of North Carolina, not only promotes rapid movement of vehicles between the North and South, it also facilitates the spread of syphilis, according to a new study.

      Fear Of Regulators Keeps Some Doctors From Good Pain Treatment
      Doctors may sometimes be reluctant to adequately treat the pain of seriously ill patients because they fear legal problems for prescribing powerful narcotics.

      Dental Care And Family Income
      Economic barriers keep more African Americans away from the dentist for routine care than whites, a new U-M study shows.

      Long-Term Study Shows That Surgical Skill And Other Factors Affect Survival Rates In Children With Brain Tumors
      In a study led by Paul M. Zeltzer, M.D., a neurooncology specialist at Cedars-Sinai's Maxine Dunitz Neurosurgical Institute, doctors at 40 medical centers and children's hospitals nationwide have found that in treating children who have certain malignant brain tumors, a

      Medical Tip Sheet A
      1. Antibiotic usage in preventing heart attack;
      2. $5 million donation to benefit patients with brain tumors;
      3. New medications available for allergy sufferers

      Study Links Abnormal Pain Syndrome To Nerve Cell Changes
      A study by researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill has identified molecular changes in nerve cells that may play an important role in an abnormal pain syndrome that often eludes effective treatment.

      Increased Arctic Temperatures Could Speed Up Global Warming
      New research suggests that an increase in arctic temperatures as a result of global warming could result in significantly higher levels of carbon dioxide being released into the atmosphere.

      Variations In The Human Homologue Of A Fruit Fly Gene Are Associated With Mood And Panic Disorders
      Researchers at Ehime University in Japan found that variations in the human homologue of the fruit fly

      Medical Tip Sheet C
      1. APDA Information at Cedars- Sinai offers free services to Parkinson's Disease patients and families;
      2. Cedars-Sinai Named Quality Leader for providing healthcare services most preferred by consumers;
      3. Delaying medical care is big mistake for stroke victims;
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