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March 04, 1999
Online Shopping A Market Waiting To Happen In Eastern Europe
Nearly everything under the U.S. sun can be purchased online.

Vertical Strip Drains Increase Dredged Material Storage Area
Dredging the bottoms of harbors and shipping channels to permit the passage of ships may keep commerce flowing smoothly, but it also creates huge mounds of mud that must be disposed of.

Heart Disease Symptoms Worsen When Body Tries To Adapt
For years doctors have debated whether the progressively destructive course of genetic heart disease is due principally to the altered genes that set it in motion, or to the body's ceaseless efforts to compensate for and cope with the initial damage

Pothole Panacea: Patented Composite Material Repairs Cracks In Pavement
Plagued by potholes? A special composite patented by the University of Illinois -- and now commercially available -- may pave the way to smoother, longer-lasting roads.

Professor And Student To Study Structure Of Ocean Crust -- From Way Under The Sea
On March 9, University of Illinois structural geologist Stephen Hurst will leave the land-locked plains of Central Illinois for a month-long research cruise in the South Pacific.

A Penchant For Revenge Can Make It Tough To Find A Friend
Making friends is a natural thing for many kids. For others, it's not.

Mid-Life High Blood Pressure And Smoking Speed Brain Aging And Increase Stroke Risk
In a study of elderly men, researchers found that mid-life health problems -- such as high blood pressure -- speed up aging of the brain and increase the risk for stroke during late-life.

Major Set-Back To Ozone Layer Recovery
CSIRO scientists warn that recovery of the ozone layer is likely to take years longer than expected.

New Theory Provides Better Understanding Of Transistors
The p-n junction diode is the basic element in nearly all semiconductor devices, including personal computers.

Rube Duffers Will 'Tee It Up' In National Contest
College students from around the country will be crossing their eyes and dotting their tees at the 11th annual national Rube Goldberg Machine Contest on April 10.

NSF-Funded Researcher Plucks Four Unknown Fish Species From Antarctic Waters
An Ohio University researcher who netted four species of fish previously unknown to science during a National Science Foundation (NSF) Antarctic research cruise says the discoveries confirm his hypothesis that the continent's frigid seas are a world-class evolutionary laboratory.

NCAR Scientists, Aircraft, Instruments Head To Indian Ocean For Climate ChangeExperiment; UCAR Directs Operations
The National Center for Atmospheric Research has sent researchers, instruments, and a C-130 research aircraft owned by NSF to the $25-million Indian Ocean Experiment (INDOEX) to study aerosols and climate change.

Popcorn Lovers Eat More When Given Bigger Containers, Test Shows
If you are what you eat, do you eat whatever's before you?

Bees: Latest Weapon In Cancer Fight
The sting of a bee may soon be used to kill cancer cells.

Scholar Hopes Anthology Of Plays Illuminates Status Of Black Women
Nearly a decade after the dismantling of apartheid, one group of South Africans is still struggling for recognition.

Rare Cavefish Found By Scientists
Dr. Whit Gibbons and Dr. Kurt Buhlmann, scientists on a spelunking expedition in north Georgia, found a rare, blind fish known as a southern cavefish.

Exploitation Of Workers Jeopardizing Academia, Authors Claim
If it's true that the devil's in the details, then there's plenty of Beelzebub in a new book about the destructive forces permeating U.S. academia.

Morning Coffee Boosts Blood Pressure, Stress Hormones All Day
People who drink four or five cups of coffee throughout the morning have slightly elevated blood pressure and higher levels of stress hormones all day and into the evening, creating a scenario in which the body acts like it is continually under stress, according to a group of Duke University Medical Center scientists.

Device To Safely Examine Insides Of Package Bombs
Sandia has developed a technique to determine if stray packages contain bombs.

UI Study Reveals Important Information About Molecular Defect In Limb Girdle Muscular Dystrophy
For the first time ever, University of Iowa researchers have confirmed how a protein complex, when defective, causes limb girdle muscular dystrophy. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to