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March 05, 1999
Researchers Discover How Mammals Distinguish Different Odors
HHMI investigators at Harvard Medical School, working with colleagues in Japan, have solved some important mysteries of the mammalian sense of smell by discovering the alphabet that the olfactory system uses to spell various scents.

Happy Birthday, Magnetars!
20 years ago today, a ferocious blast of gamma-rays from an enigmatic new kind of star was first observed.

Cervical Cancer Screening In Women With Learning Disability Is Lower Than General Population
Coverage in the cervical screening programme is markedly lower for women with learning disability than for the general female population, says a study in this week's BMJ.

Mechanism For Fungal Adherence Found, Possible Key To Disease
Researchers have discovered that a protein manufactured by the fungus Candida albicans mimics the actions of a specific mammalian protein, perhaps improving the organism's chances to flourish in immune-compromised patients.

Insulin Resistance And Obesity Avoided In Genetically Modified Mice, As Reported In Science
A team of Canadian scientists has identified a potentially useful target for drugs to treat type II diabetes and obesity.

Fake Photosynthesis? Test-Tube System In Science Paper Sheds Light On The Oxygen We Breathe, UD Prof Says
A test-tube photosynthesis system--described in the March 5 issue of Science--mimics a metal cluster that helps green plants harness sunlight to turn water into oxygen, says University of Delaware chemist Arnold L.

In Battle For Attention, Left Side Of Brain Wins Over The Right, UF Researchers Find
While much of the world is accustomed to driving in the right lane, in some ways the human brain might be better suited to left-side navigation.

1999 Tyler Prize Honors Rice Geneticist And Population Scientist
Te-Tzu (T.T.) Chang of Taiwan and Joel E. Cohen of the United States have been awarded the 1999 Tyler Prize for Environmental Achievement.

Doctors Would Be Well Advised To Come Clean When A Mistake Is Made
The practice of medicine can never be free of errors and changes in the expectations of the limitations of doctors and the treatment they provide are required, says a study in this week's BMJ.

How The Nose Knows
Humans can perceive thousands of distinct odors, even though the nose has only about 1,000 odorant receptors.

Hidden, Quake-Prone Fault Confirmed Under Los Angeles, Reported In The 5 March 1999 Issue Of Science
Scientists have confirmed the presence of an active, major

Doctors Missing Chance To Help Teens Who Smoke
Physicians who treat teenager smokers are missing important opportunities to discourage tobacco use among adolescents.

Telomere Loss Spells Trouble for Aging Mice
Mice lacking a gene for making telomeres were found to go gray, lose hair faster, and recover less easily from the stress of surgery and chemotherapy than normal animals.

Prenatal Smoking Leads To Antisocial Behavior In Children
Children exposed to prenatal smoking tend to show antisocial tendencies by adolescence, University of Chicago researchers reported Friday.

Acetylcholinesterase Inhibitors May Be Another Piece In Alzheimer's Jigsaw
Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors, such as tacrine and donepezil, which have been designed to boost the apparent chemical deficiency in the brain caused by Alzheimer's disease, are the most successful treatments to date.

Genetic Stowaways May Contribute To Evolutionary Change: Adjacent Sequences Tag Along With Mobile DNA Elements, Study Shows
In this age of molecular biology, scientists would like to know whether and how evolution operates at the molecular level in an organism's DNA.

Depression Appears To Be Linked To Reduced Blood Pressure Control In Heart Patients
Cardiologists have long noted that many heart patients suffer from depression, but it has always been a chicken-and-egg issue: which came first, the heart disease or the depression?

Smoking, Quitting Different For Men And Women
Quitting smoking is harder for women than for men, a Minnesota scientist reported Friday. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to