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Science News | Science Current Events | Brightsurf | March 12, 1999

Drilling Project To Plumb Million Years Of Volcanic Island History
The Hawaii Scientific Drilling Project is set to begin boring through 15,000 feet of lava flows on the Big Island of Hawaii March 15.
UB Oral Biologists Find Link Between Gum Disease And Passive Exposure To Tobacco Smoke
Passive smoking, implicated in middle-ear infections and asthma in children, also may be a major cause of periodontal disease in adult non-smokers, the first study to look at this relationship has shown.
Media Advisory: Mike McCormack On Energy Resources
As the demand for electricity in the United States continues to grow, electric utility companies are using their reserves rather than building needed new facilities, deepening the potential for brownouts and blackouts and threatening the electricity supply for industrial and residential use, according to Mike McCormack.
Whitehead Receives $7 million NIH Grant To Build High-Speed Sequencing Machines
The Whitehead Institute has received a three-year, $7 million grant from the National Human Genome Research Institute to develop chip-based genome sequencing machines that can sequence 7 million DNA letters per day, or 2 billion letters per year.
All Mixed Up: How Do Hybrids Fit Into The Picture?
A Special Feature of the journal Ecology examines the many differing opinions and the results of different kinds of research regarding hybridization of plants and animals.
Iron Supplemented Formula Milk Should Be Free For Inner City Children Into Their Second Year Of Life
An iron supplemented formula milk rather than cows' milk should be provided to inner city children who are not being breast fed, say researchers from Birmingham Children's Hospital.
Media Alert: Ralph Nader Speech
Ralph Nader, recognized as the founder of the consumer movement in America, will speak about acquisitions, and mergers in the chemical industry and the impact these developments are having on chemists and their research as well as the nation's consumers.
Media Advisory: Global Education And World Wide Web Impact
An international team of experts in chemical education discuss chemistry teaching and the environment, development of new curricula in the context of real-world problems, government and other support for chemistry education, programs for students of varying backgrounds, and the influence on chemistry education of the World Wide Web.
Vinegar Offers Dependable Test For Cervical Cancer
An inexpensive, easy test that changes the color of precancerous tissue could be used to screen women for cervical cancer and its precursors in geographic areas where Pap smears may not be available, according to a study of African women by researchers at Johns Hopkins and the University of Zimbabwe.
New Gene May Help Scientists Understand More About How the Body Grows
Scientists at the Whitehead Institute and Genetics Institute, Inc. have identified a new gene called derrière that plays a key role in the development of the frog embryo from the neck down, including the neural tube and the muscles flanking the spinal cord.
Media Advisory: Surgeon General To Speak
Dr. Satcher is the guest speaker at a special luncheon honoring the 100th anniversary of the birth and accomplishments of black chemist Percy Julian who discovered the first treatment for glaucoma.
Media Advisory: Chemistry & Tasting of Wine
What makes a great wine? Dr. Ernie Simpson, chemistry professor at California State University, Pomona, will offer some answers as he discusses chemistry's unique role in the wine-making process.
National Science Board To Meet (March 24-26)
Journalists are invited to attend the next open session of the National Science Board (NSB) on Thursday, March 25 and Friday, March 26 at the National Science Foundation, 4201 Wilson Blvd., Arlington, Va.
Common Dental Bleaching Ingredient May Promote Growth Of Precancerous Oral Lesions, UB Dental Researchers Find
Scientists in the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine have preliminary evidence, based on research in an animal model, that hydrogen peroxide, a major ingredient in dental bleaches and in some whitening toothpastes, may be a cancer promoter.
T-Cell Memory Finding May Provide Key To Cancer, AIDS Vaccines
Vaccines to treat AIDS or cancer rely on cytotoxic T cells that can remember their targets.
What Makes An Arm An Arm And A Leg A Leg
The structural differences between an arm and a leg are crucial to their proper function: digits that flex and curl are needed in a hand for grasping while strong muscles in the legs allow for walking and running.
Media Advisory: Chemistry In The Movies
The Oscars may be the hottest ticket in LA, but in Anaheim it's Dr.
Dyed In The Silkworm: Researchers Develop Novel Way To Produce Colored Silk
In the March 1 issue of Genes & Development, researchers in Japan report the development of a technique to produce genetically altered silk fibers that are spun by the silkworm.
UB Researchers Identify Specific Oral Bacteria Most Likely To Increase Risk Of Heart Disease
Oral biologists from the University at Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, among the first researchers to report a relationship between gum disease and risk of heart attack, now have identified the specific types of bacteria that are most damaging to the cardiovascular system.
Media Alert: Percy Julian Honored
To celebrate the 100th anniversary of black chemist Percy Julian's birth and accomplishments, the American Chemical society is sponsoring a special symposium highlighting his contributions and pioneering research in the chemical synthesis of pharmaceuticals.
Tigers And Land Mines: Wildlife Experts Discuss Fate Of Korea's DMZ
A panel of wildlife and policy experts will discuss saving the unique and endangered wildlife found in Korea's Demilitarized Zone, now the largest expanse of unbroken habitat on the Korean Penninsula -- on Sat., March 20, 1999, 8:30-1:00 p.m., at the Asia Society, 725 Park Ave., New York.

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First things first: our very own Latif Nasser has an exciting new show on Netflix. He talks to Jad about the hidden forces of the world that connect us all. Then, with an eye on the upcoming election, we take a look back: at two pieces from More Perfect Season 3 about Constitutional amendments that determine who gets to vote. Former Radiolab producer Julia Longoria takes us to Washington, D.C. The capital is at the heart of our democracy, but it's not a state, and it wasn't until the 23rd Amendment that its people got the right to vote for president. But that still left DC without full representation in Congress; D.C. sends a "non-voting delegate" to the House. Julia profiles that delegate, Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton, and her unique approach to fighting for power in a virtually powerless role. Second, Radiolab producer Sarah Qari looks at a current fight to lower the US voting age to 16 that harkens back to the fight for the 26th Amendment in the 1960s. Eighteen-year-olds at the time argued that if they were old enough to be drafted to fight in the War, they were old enough to have a voice in our democracy. But what about today, when even younger Americans are finding themselves at the center of national political debates? Does it mean we should lower the voting age even further? This episode was reported and produced by Julia Longoria and Sarah Qari. Check out Latif Nasser's new Netflix show Connected here. Support Radiolab today at