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April 02, 1999
In Animal Groups, Scientists See Patterns That Could Predict The Future
Like teenage boys hanging out on a street corner, animals behave differently when they're in a large group than when they're by themselves.

Psychologist Detects Brain-Activity Changes In Maltreated Kids
Learning to spot signs of anger early, before they lead to trouble, becomes a finely honed survival skill for children who have suffered severe abuse.

Emory University Scientists Demonstrate New Pathway For Genetic Mutations In Everyday Cell Life
Findings by Emory University scientist Paul Doetsch, Ph.D., reported in the April 2, 1999 issue of Science, provide a new explanation for why and how terminally differentiated cells -- those that are no longer dividing and replicating -- express unrepaired genetic damage.

Cervical Screening Has Reduced Incidence And Mortality From Cervical Cancer
The large rise in the number of women having smear tests has reduced the incidence of invasive cervical cancer in England by 35 per cent, claim researchers in this week's BMJ.

Electronic Job Performance System Provides On-The-Spot Training
Factory workers faced with unfamiliar tasks may soon be able to get the information they need to complete the jobs thanks to an electronic performance support system that provides

Yeast Provides Evidence For Continuous Membrane Theory
Researchers at the University of Chicago have new evidence to support a controversial theory about tiny intracellular structures called organelles.

Future Chlamydia Screening Should Take Account Of Possible Disadvantages For Women
Any plans to introduce a predominantly woman-centred chlamydia screening programme into the UK should take account of the potential down sides as well as benefits that such an initiative may have, say researchers in this week's BMJ.

Finding Reveals Broader Role Of Telomerase Enzyme, Suggesting New Target For Extending Life Span Of Cell
Researchers at UC San Francisco have determined that telomerase - the enzyme brought to fame last year when scientists demonstrated that its insertion into normal cells extended the healthy life span of the cells indefinitely - can wield its power in an unexpected way.

Tip Sheet: Think About Your Health In April
April 7 is World Health Day,

Surveys To Elicit Public Opinion On Priority Setting May Be Flawed
Public participation in healthcare rationing decisions may be of limited value if people are not allowed time to reflect on their opinions, say researchers in this week's BMJ.

Unique U.S. Seisometer Array Shows Core-Mantle Boundary
A seismologist at Washington University in St. Louis has provided an unprecendented view of the Earth's core-mantle boundary through analysis of seismic waves from a unique array of eastern U.S. seismometers. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to