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April 07, 1999
Darwinian Design -- Survival Of The Fittest Spacecraft
NASA Scientists plan to 'breed' better spacecraft using artificial intelligence.

Survival Of The Yellowstone Grizzlies, Ferns As Forest Filters And The Role Of Worms In Climate Change: The April Edition Of Ecology Is Now Available
The latest edition of the Ecological Society of America's journal, Ecology, is now available.

UI Researcher Determines Vital Sign Norms For Cesarean Section Procedure
A University of Iowa researcher, with data and assistance from Duke University, has found that it is quite normal for blood pressures in women to drop or increase dramatically during cesarean sections.

Story Tips: Engineering Students Pursue Cutting-Edge Research
Among the independent research projects pursued this year by Johns Hopkins engineering undergraduates are the construction of a self-navigating submarine, testing of a potential Alzheimer's treatment and a process for gene therapy, and constructing a digital model of the heart.

Antarctic Ice Shelves Breaking Up Due To Decades Of Higher Temperatures
Two ice shelves on the Antarctic Peninsula known as the Larsen B and Wilkins are in

Americans Skip Dialysis; Swedes And Japanese Don't, Wake Forest Study Shows
American dialysis patients are far more likely to skip kidney dialysis treatments than patients in either Sweden or Japan, a Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center physician reports in the April 7 issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Most Americans Experience Poverty Sometime In Adult Life, Study Finds
A soon-to-be-published study shows that a majority of Americans will live in poverty for some portion of their lives.

NICHD-Funded Researchers Show Estrogen Effects On Brain After Menopause
In a groundbreaking new study, a Yale research team funded by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development has used sophisticated brain imaging technology to show that estrogen alters brain activation patterns in postmenopausal women as they perform memory tasks.

Study Furthers Understanding Of Critical Alzheimer's Disease Gene
Researchers have cracked part of the code for a gene implicated in an early-onset form of Alzheimer's Disease.

Coach-class tickets for space?
Scientists discuss new ideas in high-performance, low-cost space transportation.

True Grit: "Sandpaper" Alloy May Suggest Rugged, Powerful New Devices, UD Researcher Reports
Sandpaper's cousin, silicon-carbide, may set the stage for a rugged, powerful new breed of semiconducting devices, a University of Delaware researcher will report April 6 during the Materials Research Society meeting.

FUSE Satellite Will Test Big Bang Theory
A space telescope designed to sort through cosmic chemical muck and star-making stew will begin scouring for the fossil record of the origins of the universe when it is launched from Cape Canaveral in a few weeks. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to