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April 21, 1999
UK Researchers Receive Grants To Examine Benefits Of Aerobic Exercise For People With Spinal Cord Injuries
Researchers at the University of Kentucky College of Medicine recently received two grants for a study that will examine the benefits of aerobic exercise for people with quadriplegia and high paraplegia.

Autoimmune Diseases May Be Triggered By Cells From Your Mother
Autoimmune diseases, in which the body attacks its own tissues, may in some cases be triggered by cells from your mother that have been lurking within you since you were in the womb.

Patient Characteristics And The Way Patients Are Treated Have Impact On Hospital Costs Of Liver Transplants
A new study by UCSF researchers has found that age, severity of illness of patients, and the types of services patients receive have a major impact on hospital resource use for liver transplantation.

Fetal Cell Therapy Benefits Some Parkinson's Patients
Results from the first randomized, controlled clinical trial of fetal dopamine cell implants for Parkinson's disease show that the surgery helped a small number of Parkinson's patients, but not all who underwent the experimental therapy.

Superplasticity May Work Better In Smaller Packages
A physical quality called superplasticity lets manufacturers fashion metal into strong, intricate shapes, such as turbine blades and aircraft components.

Bone Marrow With Organ Transplants Reduces Rejection Of Transplanted Organs, Reports University Of Pittsburgh
Organ rejection occurs less often and is less severe in patients who receive bone marrow from the same donor, University of Pittsburgh researchers report today at Experimental Biology '99.

A Software Copilot Can Learn To Fly A Damaged Plane
Damaged combat aircraft should soon stand a better chance of making it back to base, thanks to a novel neural network that has just passed its first major test.

Measles Eradication Launching Set April 30
The Directors of the Pan American Health Organization and the U.S.

Laser Pointer Helps Parkinson's Patients Take Next Step
A patient's discovery that an everyday laser pointer helps him walk may point the way toward an effective remedy for a common and frustrating symptom of Parkinson's disease -- freezing episodes.

First North Americans Had Chance To Be Avid Birders
New research shows that a wide variety of birds migrated to Ice Age Yukon.

New Way To Make Astronauts Sleep
Astronauts seem to sleep best when covered in electrodes, according to the latest research into orbital insomnia.

Climate Projection For The 21st Century: Earth Will Warm By 3 Degrees
Carbon dioxide emissions over the next century could increase global average temperatures 3 degrees Fahrenheit.

Could Satellites Plug Into Energy From The Ground?
Lasers sited on the ground might one day power orbiting satellites instead of being limited by the energy produced by solar panels.

Fishermen Are Killing Brown Pelicans With Kindness
People who feed brown pelicans chunks of fish left over from a day of fishing are unwittingly contributing to a painful death for the birds, a University of Florida scientist says.

Tipsheet: Environmental Story Ideas
With the 29th annual Earth Day coming up Thursday, April 22, environmental issues will be in the national spotlight.

New Three Year Follow-up Data Of Novantrone In Multiple Sclerosis
A positive response and safety profile of Novantrone was confirmed over a three year period in a study treating people with secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis.

WIC, Medicaid Have Reduced Infant Deaths
Two key public programs under political scrutiny -- the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children (WIC) and Medicaid -- have reduced infant deaths, says researchers.

Study Reveals Gender Affects Lung-Cancer Development
Once again evidence says that differences exist between the sexes.

Stepping Back To Get A Closer View
Scientists at the Global Hydrology and Climate Center will use images from Landsat 7, which launched last week, combined with other data to better understand the phenomenon of urban heat islands.

Bill Nye Unveils Sundial For 2001 Mars Mission
For the first time in history, humanity will send a sundial to another planet.

Migraine Pain: Not Mainly In The Brain
Hopkins researchers think they've found the source of pain in migraines.

UC Davis Researchers Get First Look At A Working Cellular Motor
Using the rapidly evolving technology of fluorescent microscopy, researchers at the University of California, Davis, recently became the first to see tiny motor proteins carry cargoes through a live animal cell. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to