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May 01, 1999
Porous Ceramic Foam -- Taking The Heat Out Of Furnaces
A new porous ceramic material, called Hi-Por, could be set to replace the refractory ceramic fibres (RCFs) used as an insulation material in research and industrial furnaces following the European Union's (EU) classification of RCFs as Category II carcinogens.

Newest Depression Medications Widely Prescribed For Children
A majority of family physicians and pediatricians are treating children with Prozac-type drugs for mild to moderate mental illness, despite a lack of scientific evidence to support their safety and effectiveness in youngsters, according to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study.

Researchers Discover Mechanism Of Cleft Palate Development
Researchers led by a team of UC San Francisco scientists have identified the mechanism by which cleft palate develops.

Seismic Profiling Reveals Ancient River Valley And Prehistoric Faulting Beneath Portland, Ore.
An ancient river valley a mile wide and 250 feet deep, as well as breaks in geologic strata beneath two suspected fault zones have been revealed beneath Portland, Ore., by a team of scientists from the U.

Chronically Ill Teens Turn To Internet For Peer Support, Researchers Report
A team of medical informatics and child life specialists at the Johns Hopkins Children's Center has met the challenge of providing peer support to seriously ill teenagers with an Internet service, Hopkins Teen Central.

Sandia, University Of Montana Researchers Try Training Bees To Find Buried Landmines
Bees dutifully going about their daily business -- gathering nectar and pollen and taking it back to the hive -- may one day help protect the lives and limbs of people, literally, if a landmine-detection demonstration at Sandia National Laboratories is successful.

Nickel Plating A Monster Mirror
The mirror of the 150 year old 'Leviathan' telescope at Birr Castle is being restored using innovative nickel plating technology developed by Nitec in Chesterfield, UK.

Growth-Hormone Deficient Babies Are Normal Length At Birth, UB Study Finds
Babies born with a congenital growth hormone deficiency (CGHD) are of normal length at birth and don't begin to experience growth problems until about six months of age, research by pediatricians at the University at Buffalo has found.

USGS Scientists To Discuss Puget Sound Earthquake Hazards
The magnitude of earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest's prehistoric past, the results of recent earthquake

Gene Therapy For Pain
NIH scientists are attacking chronic pain in an animal model using a novel form of gene therapy that targets the spinal cord.

Lasershot Peening For Stronger Structures
A new technique for improving the mechanical properties of the metals and alloys used in the aerospace industry is being developed through a UK-USA collaboration. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to