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May 24, 1999
Depression May Lower Your Sex Hormones
Sex hormones are secreted at different rates in men who are severely depressed than those who are not depressed, a team of eight medical doctors associated with the Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry in Munich has determined.

World's Leading Echinacea Researchers To Examine Latest Scientific Findings On "Nature's Gentle Antibiotic"
Leading echinacea researchers and scientists from around the globe take an in-depth look at the latest scientific and medical information about one of the world's most popular herbal remedies.

Two Beta-Blocker Drugs Equal In Treating Heart Failure
The first direct comparison of two beta- blocker drugs for the treatment of congestive heart failure found that an older, cheaper drug is as effective as the newest one on the market, researchers report in today's Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Smoking and depression weaken immune system
Depressed persons who smoke cigarettes may be at increased risk of cancer and other diseases markedly, according to new research.

Ph.D. Degree Research Results In Patent For Low-Cost Pharmaceutical Filters Made From Seafood Waste
Virginia Tech student Jason Todd's dissertation research has resulted in a new, low-cost process for purifying proteins using a seafood byproduct.

Stress Speeds Progression To AIDS
Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have shown that men infected with HIV will more rapidly develop AIDS as stressful events accumulate in their lives or if their social supports are weak.

Sandia Conference To Explore Potential Of Industry Clusters In Five Southwestern States
Some 300 business leaders and public officials from New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, Texas and Utah will explore the potential of technology-driven industry clusters during the Conference on the Southwest as a Region of Innovation: Steps Toward the Next Generation Economy, scheduled for June 17-18 at the Albuquerque Convention Center.

Stress speeds passage from HIV to AIDS, support retards it
In a 5.5-year study of HIV-infected men, researchers have found that the men's passage to AIDS status was greatly accelerated by stressful events and by low levels of social support.

National Security Agency honors UC Davis computer-security educators
Against the rising tide of virus writers, online burglars and missile-secret misappropriators, teachers at the University of California, Davis, are fighting to keep

Lightning leaders converge on Alabama: International Conference set for June
By the time you finish reading this sentence, lightning will have struck more than 100 times across the Earth.

Cellular Implants Explored For Brain Trauma
University of Pennsylvania Medical Center researchers are studying how implanted hNT cells might improve brain function in an injured rat.

Symposium Probes Impact Of Toxins On Development
A symposium June 3-5 at the University of Wisconsin-Madison will explore new research on the links between environmental toxins and disease, including birth defects and cancer.

Low Cholesterol Extracts A Price
Healthy young women with naturally low cholesterol levels are likely to face greater risks of poor psychological health than women with moderate to high cholesterol levels, new research done at the Duke University Medical Center indicates.

Penn State Engineers Propose New Ice Cream Manufacturing Control System
Penn State industrial engineers are working with the University Creamery staff to make changing flavors, controlling equipment speed, and switching from low fat to full fat frozen desserts and back again easier, quicker and more cost effective -- all without tampering with the world- famous product.

APA's 107th Annual Convention in Boston
American Psychological Association's 107th annual convention to be held in Boston, MA, August 20-24, 1999.

Family Support A Factor In Cardiovascular Responses To Stress
Married people who receive a high level of social support from their family - especially from their spouse - show better heart and blood pressure responses to stress than couples whose family support level is low, according to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study.

Structure Of HDL Cholesterol Determined
Using novel methods for performing infrared spectroscopy University of Pennsylvania Medical Center researchers have resolved a contentious scientific debate over the structure of high-density lipoproteins, or HDL particles, the so-called is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to