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June 28, 1999
UF study show despite ads, cities catch the 'net while small towns lag
Even as the hype portrays the Internet as a tool that will level the economic playing fields for big cities and small towns, the virtual reality is that a few select cities will get the lion's share of the information action, a new University of Florida study finds.

Agriculture linked to red-legged frog decline in California
The global decline in amphibians has been attributed to everything from UV radiation to global warming.

Pre-delivery digital exams may increase in utero bacterial levels
Digital cervical examinations during labor increase the risk of vaginal bacteria entering the cervix and the uterus and causing harm to the newborn.

Database technology organizes Antarctic treaty documents, more
International documents from the Handbook of the Antarctic Treaty System, which had previously only been disseminated in paper form, are now available in an easily-searchable database on the World Wide Web thanks to the efforts of an Ohio State University researcher.

New water-based process for manufacturing liquid polymers conserves hydrocarbon solvent and surfactants
Nalco Chemical Company of Naperville, Ill. received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award today for its development of a new environmentally-friendly way to make polymers used in wastewater treatment.

New luminescent films may be a key to photonic computers
Materials Chemists at the University of Toronto have created a new kind of silicon film that could lead one day to entirely photonic computer and telecommunications systems.

Chlorine-free processes in pulp, paper and laundry industries
Professor Terrence J. Collins of Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh, Pa., received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award today for developing TAML(tm) activators, catalysts that eliminate the use of chlorine in bleaching procedures for the pulp and paper industry, and promise improvement for the laundry industry.

The high cost of natural disasters
Natural disasters in the United States, including floods, hurricanes, coastal erosion, wildfires, and earthquakes, on the average cause roughly $20 billion annually, according to Rutherford H.

Moooooove over, chicken! Study shows lean red meat can play a role in low-fat diet
For years, physicians have avoided red meat when designing heart-healthy diets for their patients.

Many contaminants found in nation's streams, but few drinking-water standards exceeded, USGS report shows
In a look at water-quality conditions of 20 of the country's largest and most important river basins, the U.S.

Ecotourism: Penguins can get used to people
Having houseguests can be a strain, but new research shows that penguins can quickly adapt to the stress of ecotourism.

New process converts municipal waste into commodities and fuel
Biofine, Incorporated, of Waltham, Mass., received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award today for its design of a process that converts cellulosic biomass such as paper mill sludge, municipal solid waste, unrecyclable waste paper, waste wood and agricultural residues into chemicals for fuel, pesticides and other useful materials.

Purdue engineers way to faster, less-costly computer chips
Engineers at Purdue University have developed a method to make smaller, faster computer chips by stacking electronic devices -- such as transistors 50 times smaller than a human blood cell -- in a virtually unlimited number of layers, as opposed to conventional single-layer designs.

Family doctors too pessimistic about knee surgery risk
Referring physicians are too pessimistic and need to be better informed about the risks of knee replacement surgery, according to a University of Toronto study in the June issue of the Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery.

UNC-CH study shows compressed air sleeve prevents blood clots during hip replacement
Surgeons at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill have discovered they can almost always prevent life-threatening blood clots from forming during total hip replacement surgery.

Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge Award recognizes environmentally-conscious business innovation
Small business, large chemical companies and academic researchers in Illinois, Indiana, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania were honored today by the federal government for using

Frank Rose named director of NASA Marshall Center's new Science Directorate
Millard Franklin (Frank) Rose has been named director of the new Science Directorate created during the recent reorganization at NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala.

No need to treat "simple" febrile seizures in young children
Young children who experience simple febrile seizures, or seizures following a rapid increase in body temperature, do not need to be given anticonvulsant medication.

Checking on local drought conditions just got easier
As drought conditions persist in many parts of the country, particularly the Mid-Atlantic region, reporting on the links between rainfall, streamflow and weather just got easier thanks to the new online availability of daily streamflow information from the U.S.

New protocol to develop compound to treat disorders of the central nervous system is more efficient
Eli Lilly and Company, based in Indianapolis, Ind., received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award today for its design of a more efficient, less waste-producing synthesis of a central nervous compound, still in the early stages of development.

New natural insecticide offers environmentally-friendly choice to combat increased pest resistance
Dow AgroSciences, LLC of Indianapolis, Ind., received the Presidential Green Chemistry Challenge award today for its development of Spinosad, a selective, natural, low-risk insecticide (registered by the EPA as a reduced risk pesticide).

Novel drug therapy tackles third 'pathway' causing congestive heart failure
A drug that inactivates a protein in the body that worsens congestive heart failure could eventually lead to a new approach to treating this devastating disease.

Men and women agree: love, romance vital part of sexual person
Men who have a strong sexual self-concept combine stereotypically male qualities of power and aggression with more sensitive qualities usually associated with women, a new study has found.

Deeply rooted landscape values lead to desire for suburban living
Though the political climate suggests it's a popular time to complain about suburban sprawl, an Ohio State University professor said the suburban lifestyle is what most Americans want -- because it suits our values.

Gray wolf nears recovery in Yellowstone
After killing wolves relentlessly for most of our nation's history, we are now trying to restore these large carnivores.

Butterflies thrive in restored roadside prairies
Iowa has the highest density of roads and among the greatest habitat loss of any state--less than 0.001% of the native prairie is left.

Combination of sensing techniques checks laser weld quality
A trio of sensing techniques combine to form a single, reliable system that can inspect the quality of high-power laser welding, according to a study at Ohio State University.

Astronomers find more evidence of black holes in galactic nuclei
Astronomers have discovered more evidence that there is a black hole in the center of a galaxy.

Surgery for severely obese improves more than just weight
New research suggests that the results of surgery to treat severe obesity reach beyond helping patients feel better about their weight.

Research shows some benefits from programs for divorcing parents
Divorcing parents who attended a parent education seminar reported better parent-child relationships than those who were not offered such classes, an Ohio State University study has found.

Scientists capture images of brain in action as it's learning
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