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July 07, 1999
Florida installs wind monitoring devices on 10 South Florida homes
The Florida Department of Community Affairs today launched the Florida Coastal Monitoring Project, an unprecedented initiative that will have a significant impact on the study of wind behavior on coastal homes.

Study suggests need for better pain management in newborns
During nursing and medical procedures in the hospital, premature infants respond to pain and can tell the difference between more and less painful procedures.

Formic acid found toward hot galactic molecular cores
In their continuing quest for large interstellar molecules, radio astronomers at the University of Illinois have located dense clumps of formic acid -- the simplest organic acid -- inside the hot star-forming cores in three interstellar molecular clouds.

3-D echocardiography reduces examination times and dramatically improves accuracy of the most common diagnostic test for heart function
The first fundamental breakthrough in diagnostic ultrasound for the heart in more than a decade --real-time 3-dimensional echocardiography-- is now available to instantaneously provide ultrasound scans of the whole heart, rather than a single isolated section.

Lensless camera captures three-dimensional images
Using principles gleaned from radio astronomy and medical x- ray tomography, researchers at the University of Illinois have assembled an optical system that produces three- dimensional reconstructions of objects without using a lens.

Simulation uses quantum mechanics to understand nanoelectronics
A computer simulation developed at the University of Illinois is helping scientists better understand the strange world of nanoelectronics -- where a single electron can control a device, but quantum mechanics is required to describe the behavior of that electron.

Search engines biased, out-of-date, and index no more than 16% of the web
Internet search engines are increasingly falling behind. They do not index sites equally, may not index new or modified pages for months, and no engine indexes more than 16% of the web.

Very thin polymer films still have the same stuff
Industry's push for thinner and thinner polymer films may one day hit the boundary where these films no longer behave the same as bulk polymers, but according to Penn State polymer scientists, the location of that boundary is still unknown.

PFI is supported by 'spurious economic arguments'
Clinicians should not allow themselves to be deterred from criticising the PFI by spurious economic arguments say the authors of an article in this week's BMJ, the second of a series of articles on the controversial private finance initiative in the National Health Service.

Price for decreased acid rain may be increased global warming
Reducing future emissions of sulfur dioxide in an attempt to mitigate the acid-rain problem may aggravate the global- warming problem, a University of Illinois professor says.

Textures could make the Web a lot more fun
Shoppers on the Internet will soon be able to experience the ability to `touch' items pictured on the Net.

Controversial performance enhancer "andro" affects brains as well as brawn, say UMass researchers
Athletes taking the controversial performance enhancer known as

Farming's genetic revolution has yet to materialise
New figures reveal that genetically engineered crops may not be bringing about the revolution in agricuture expected.

Eating proper foods at right time after exercise can speed recovery
Athletes have been advised for years that carbohydrates and amino acids can enhance their performance.

Bullying more common in middle schools than many recognize
Forget the classic image of the lone schoolyard bully, says University of Illinois professor Dorothy Espelage.

The mathematics of capillary phenomena
Attempts to understand capillary phenomena go back to the time of Aristotle and have resulted in formidable scientific and mathematical challenges.

Robotic technology to help Ohio State University heart surgeons
For the first time in this country, heart surgeons will soon use new computer-enhanced robotic technology to improve heart bypass surgery, limiting patients' pain and the healing time associated with these procedures.

Relativistic effects play major role in neutron star mergers
A powerful numerical simulation developed at the University of Illinois has revealed that gravitational waves -- ripples in the fabric of space -- play a major role in coalescing neutron stars.

Researchers discover treatment that delays onset of insulin-dependent diabetes
Researchers at the University of Utah have discovered a new and innovative method to treat insulin-dependent diabetes.

Female hormones don't cause overeating and weight gain
Don't blame it on your hormones. A Penn State study has shown that, contrary to popular notions, women don't necessarily gain weight, overeat and binge on chocolate or carbohydrates during the premenstrual phase of their menstrual cycle or when taking contraceptive hormones.

Lowering 'bad' cholesterol as good or better than angioplasty for mild coronary artery disease
Aggressively lowering 'bad' cholesterol

Change your diet and it may make you brighter
Neuroscientists in New Mexico have found a link between variations in the levels of two brain chemicals and the results of IQ tests.

Dental students help close care gap at Indian reservation
Twenty-one senior dental students from Case Western Reserve University and four other schools are serving summer externships at the Pine Ridge, S.D., Indian Reservation through the U.S.

Mentored foster children learn to trust others, researchers find
Foster children who get mentors show improvement in their peer relationships, a building block that helps them to develop trust in other people, a new University of Illinois study says.

Sahara's abrupt desertification started by changes in Earth's orbit, accelerated by atmospheric and vegetation feedbacks
The Sahara, once covered with grasses and shrubs, did not become a desert gradually, but in two distinct steps, one of which was brutal. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to