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July 13, 1999
APS launches new online journal to focus on link between genes and function
The American Physiological Society today announced the launch of Physiological Genomics.

Kanas presented award for research on psychological effects of space travel
An expert on the psychological effects of space travel, Nick Kanas, MD, associate chief of mental health services at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center and UCSF professor of psychiatry, has been presented with the Raymond F.

CU-Boulder to send experiments ranging from ladybugs to water quality on NASA shuttle
The University of Colorado at Boulder-based BioServe Space Technologies Center will be flying experiments ranging from ladybugs and butterflies to biomedicine and water purification on a space shuttle slated for launch July 20.

Changes in allied and auxiliary health care workers' training needed for quality of patient care, according to UCSF report
To maintain quality of patient care, changes need to be made in the training and use of allied and auxiliary health care workers -- hospital support staff such as physical therapists, technicians, aides, and assistants -- according to a report released by the California Twenty-First Century Workforce Project.

Groundwater impacted by fire-fighting foams
Fires resulting from airplane crashes are fought using aqueous film-forming foams (AFFF) that are formulated to act quickly by spreading a film of water over the burning fuel that subsequently extinguishes the fire.

Combination HIV vaccine induces diverse immune response
Preliminary analysis of data from a clinical trial testing two candidate HIV vaccines given together shows that the combination is safe and can stimulate diverse immune responses against HIV.

USGS scientist awarded prestigious Marine Conservation Fellowship
Providing a plan to help resource managers restore the Bering Sea and North Pacific ecosystem is a task research scientist Jim Estes of the U.S.

Carnegie Mellon scientists to demonstrate spontaneous speech-to-speech translation in six languages in an international video conference.
Carnegie Mellon University scientists and their colleagues in the international Consortium for Speech Translation Advanced Research (C-STAR) will conduct an international video conference to demonstrate a travel planning system on the Web that employs groundbreaking computer speech-to-speech translation technologies that will translate among six languages at six different locations around the world.

Astronomers capture "stellar sonogram" of a star in the making
A Florida astronomer is part of an international team that has captured the first images of the very earliest stages of a

New strategy recommended to combat hepatitis
More than 300 million worldwide and over one million in the U.S. are chronically infected with hepatitis B.

Component of aspirin prevents antibiotic-induced deafness
University of Michigan scientists have found that salicylate- --the active component of ordinary aspirin---can prevent deafness in guinea pigs exposed to a common class of antibiotics that destroy delicate hair cells in the inner ear.

Burrowing mayfly swarms signal a healthier ecosystem, USGS scientists say
USGS scientists herald the mayfly recovery of recent years as a strong sign that improvements in water quality in Lake Erie have resulted in a healthier, more normally functioning ecosystem. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to