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August 11, 1999
Elvis of E. coli releases second food safety music CD
Who says learning about a serious subject, such as food safety, can't be fun?

Many Virginians would increase taxes for K-12 education, study finds
While state and national elected officials debate tax cuts, Virginians favor maintaining or even increasing spending on schools, the environment, and social services.The eighth annual Quality of Life in Virginia survey conducted by Virginia Tech's Center for Survey Research found that few Virginians believe the state is spending

African-Americans feel 'less involved' than whites during medical visits
African-American patients rate their doctor visits as significantly

Eclipse expedition reports 'fabulous results' from Romanian site
Williams College astronomer Jay M. Pasachoff reported today that

National Cancer Institute to support statewide UNC-CH colon cancer study
The National Cancer Institute has awarded $1.5 million to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill researchers who are trying to prevent and detect earlier an illness once called

USGS report explains proposed Yucca Mountain nuclear waste repository
A new publication that presents radioactive-waste disposal issues in the context of the proposed underground repository for such materials at Yucca Mountain, Nevada, is available from the U.S.

Electronic theses and dissertations gain in popularity, despite fears and controversy
Electronic theses and dissertation -- Internet-readable versions of graduate students' final reports on their original research -- may be controversial; but, they are also popular.

In public session: panel to evaluate plasticizers for possible reproductive, developmental risks
The press and public may attend a review of seven widely used plasticizers (chemicals that give plastic its elasticity) that will be evaluated for their potential reproductive and developmental effects.The chemicals are phthalate esters found widely in the environment and used in consumer products such as shower curtains, medical supplies such as tubing and IV bags, upholstery, raincoats, and soft squeeze toys.

After Columbine shooting, more Virginians would regulate TV violence
Virginians feel safer in their communities than they did last year, but express great concern over the safety of others in their family, according to the 1999 Quality of Life in Virginia survey conducted by Virginia Tech's Center for Survey Research.

Hepatitis C is not a 'silent disease'
Successful treatment of Hepatitis C patients improves their quality of life and is likely to decrease needs for health care services and increase personal productivity, according to a new study published in the journal Hepatology.

An aerial scanner that can peer into dense forest
A computerised eye can spot a chunk of mineral, camouflaged tanks, or campers lost in the woods, from thousands of metres up in the air.

Use and impact of computer technology escalate in K-12 education
The nation's most progressive teachers--those using innovative methods to reach today's children by making school tasks more meaningful--are the teachers who are most likely to use the Internet in their classrooms.

Satellites could soon be using the ideal fuel...themselves
Spacecraft of the future could consume themselves to make extra fuel, say researchers in the US.

Voice recognition software that won't be distracted by noise
Scientists in American are teaching computers how to lip- read.

Herbivores, pull up a chair to the table: salt marsh plants at higher latitudes more palatable, according to new study
Herbivores can be picky eaters depending on how palatable salt marsh plants are. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to