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August 27, 1999
Cedars-Sinai is first site in California offering LDL apheresis to treat severehypercholesterolemia
While the majority of patients with extremely high LDL cholesterol (also called

Whole-organ pancreas transplants and partial liver transplant programs arepriorities for renowned transplant surgeon at Cedars-Sinai
A functioning whole-organ pancreas transplant is the only therapy available that can reliably remove the need for insulin injections in a Type I diabetic.

Study reveals how brain controls eating in normal rats
From the belly to the brain: a new study by Boston researchers shows how the fat hormone leptin works in the brain to trigger the nerve cells that control eating.

Traumatic life events around the time of conception may make it more likely that you have a girl
Psychological stress associated with severe life events around the time of conception seem to lower the odds of having a male baby, suggest researchers in a paper in this week's BMJ.

University of Maryland study links vitamin B deficiency to risk of stroke in younger women
In the first large population study of its kind, researchers at the University of Maryland School of Medicine have found that higher levels of the naturally-occurring substance called homocysteine increase the risk of stroke among younger women.

Primate genus sheds light on great ape and human origins, as reported in Science
The discovery of a 15 million year old partial skeleton of an early ape, placed into the newly-recognized genus Equatorius, could help reshape the evolutionary tree around the common ancestor of great apes and humans.

USGS scientists continue to monitor Dennis' approach
USGS scientists, managers and experts from a diverse spectrum of scientific disciplines are on high alert Friday as Hurricane Dennis seems poised to make landfall along the southeastern coast of the United States sometime this weekend.

New satellite tools putting hurricanes in sharper focus
A fleet of powerful new visualization tools is giving forecasters an unprecedented look into the anatomy of typhoons and hurricanes, helping refine early-warning systems.

NYU/U. Rochester team find neurons in visual cortex adapt to images within .5 seconds of viewing
When you gaze out of a train, the scenery appears to move even after the train has stopped.

NIH taps Hopkins craniofacial program as 'center of discovery', awards $7.5million grant
What is the likelihood that a baby will be born with a cleft palate?

Natural repellant in Spanish cedar leaves could help tropical forests
Naturally occurring substances that appear to repel a leaf-eating insect pest have been found in the leaves of Spanish cedar trees, according to results of a study by British researchers published in the Sept.

UT Southwestern researchers identify enzyme deficiency responsible for some sudden infant death cases
The discovery by UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas researchers that an enzyme deficiency is responsible for some infant deaths attributed to Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) could lead to new postnatal testing to identify those at risk. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to