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November 04, 1999
20-year-old sex-role research survey still valid
Despite tremendous societal change over the past two decades, many parents still hold fast to raising their children with traditional sex-roles.

UNC-CH study shows international companies question N.C. business incentives' effectiveness
North Carolina's multimillion-dollar incentives package to attract companies to the state are not important factors in the location decisions of foreign-owned firms, according to a University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study.

Antibiotic prescribing in local communities is linked to localised resistance
In this week's BMJ a team of researchers from Wales show for the first time that antibiotic prescribing within geographic communities can lead to localised antibiotic resistance.

Vertical split keyboard lowers injury risk
Tomorrow's computer keyboard might be played more like an accordion than a piano, says a Cornell University ergonomist.

Whitaker Foundation funds Washington University biomedical engineering facility
The Whitaker Foundation has awarded grants totalling $13 million to the Washington University Department of Biomedical Engineering, a program that is just two years old.

Study reveals the positive impact of financial education in the workplace
A study conducted by Virginia Tech researchers shows that financial education and financial advice positively impacts worker money behaviors and attitudes -- and their health and workplace performance.

Biodiversity yields dividends, finds pan-European research
The loss of biodiversity in European grasslands will make them less productive, reducing the amount of energy available to the rest of the food chain and threatening the overall health of the ecosystem, say results from one of the world's most extensive ecological studies (Science 5 November 1999).

Study casts doubt that melatonin goes down as age goes up: Older buyers take note
A new study contradicts the popular notion that melatonin levels in older people fall with age.

The American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists releases latest findings at Annual Meeting
More than seven thousand pharmaceutical scientists from around the world will gather in New Orleans November 14-18 to share the latest scientific research--from AIDS-preventing contraceptives to aspirin-linked disease.

Trigger for key breast cancer protein identified
HHMI researchers have identified a protein that works closely with Brca1 to initiate the repair of damaged DNA. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to