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November 15, 1999
Novel anti-cancer agent shows minimal side effects with preliminary evidence of tumor shrinkage
On November 16, 1999, researchers will present data on an ongoing Phase I clinical trial during the AACR-NCI-EORTC International Conference in Washington, DC.

Rockwell awards $1 million scholarship endowment to Clemson University
Continuing its investment in South Carolina's economic infrastructure, Rockwell today announced a $1 million endowment to Clemson University to fund scholarships for students in mechanical engineering and electrical engineering.

Study: Insecticide sprays can target feeding habits of pests
Farmers may be able to spray insecticide to target the feeding habits of species that most threaten their crops, according to an Ohio State University study.

Evergreens help block pesticide from crop fields
Farmers should plant a line of evergreen trees around their crops to reduce the movement of pesticide sprays outside their fields, according to an Ohio State University study.

Medical expert available to discuss organ transplant issues
A long-running controversy over the nation's method of determining which potential recipients will receive donated livers is about to be put to rest -- or ratcheted up another notch -- with the Department of Health and Human Services apparently poised to enact its final ruling in January.

U.S. figures, revisions show economy doing even better than people thought
The U.S. Department of Commerce's Bureau of Economic Analysis released revisions of the National Income and Product Accounts, which altered the way it takes the nation's financial temperature.

When form fouls up function
Some patients who undergo rhinoplasty - commonly referred to as a

Nurses speak out about care of the elderly at scientific meeting of the Gerontological Society of America
Nurses will address critical issues of care for older adults at the 52nd annual scientific meeting of the Gerontological Society of America on November 21, 1999 in San Francisco, California.

JMU builds supercomputer for national model undergraduate program
With an NSF-grant James Madison University in Virginia and North Carolina Central University have built a parallel supercomputer, fluid dynamics lab and computer modeling program to train physics and mathematics majors for high- paying, high-tech jobs in computational science, and to develop a national model for other universities to provide undergraduates with hands-on research experiences using the latest equipment to excite, and retain, students in the hard sciences and mathematics.

Fewer adults smoking but youth smoking on rise: study
Fewer adults are smoking in Ontario but minors have easier access than ever to cigarettes, partly because retailers aren't asking for proper ID, according to a report from the Ontario Tobacco Research Unit at the University of Toronto.

Desert bees hedge their bets, wait for the wet
Desert bees have adopted the same reproduction strategy as the desert's floral seeds, waiting for their season in the sun.

Diet of antioxidants and oils improves lung disorder, study shows
A diet rich in antioxidants, plant and fish oils may reduce the harmful effects of acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS).

New test warns of blood pressure risk
CSIRO has developed a new diagnostic test that can predict whether young adults and teenagers are at risk of developing hypertension.

Juvenile arthritis sufferers reap major benefits from resistance exercise program, UB study shows
New research on the effects of exercise on juvenile arthritis indicates it's OK for these kids to be kids.

DBI News: Plant microbe interactions and nutrient use to be explored Nov. 16 at UD
Understanding how plants interact with microbes to facilitate the uptake of nutrients, such as nitrogen, will be the focus of a Nov.

Men more sensitive than women to fat-reduced label
College age men who said they weren't inclined to eat low-fat foods were more easily influenced by false content labels than fat and calorie-conscious women in a recent Penn State study.

Annals of Internal Medicine -- Tip sheet for November 16, 1999
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