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December 02, 1999
Fox Chase Cancer Center's Joseph Testa receives 1999 Irving J. Selikoff Award for Cancer Research
Dr. Joseph R. Testa, a cancer geneticist at Fox Chase Cancer Center, Philadelphia, has received a 1999 Irving J.

Study: Information on the web is likely correct, but hard to find
A study found that the Internet search engine AltaVista uncovered Web pages with correct answers to library reference questions 27 percent of the time -- wrong answers, 9 percent of the time.

New questionnaire helps identify eating disorders in women
A team of researchers have designed a questionnaire to help detect eating disorders in women.

Scientists uncover molecular basis of fatal childhood immunodeficiency disorder
Scientists at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas have found that a rare but fatal genetic disorder in children is caused by defects in the protein perforin.

Should banks be liable for pollution caused by companies that borrow from them?
Modern environmental regulation holds polluters strictly liable for the costs of the pollution they cause.

New details on Japan nuclear accident
Newly revealed details on the nuclear accident in Tokaimura, Japan this September are contained in this month's issue of Physics Today magazine.

Low levels of Rubella immunisation among young children may increase the risk of congenital Rubella in babies
In 1993 a major rubella epidemic took place in Greece, which was followed by the birth of a large number of babies with congenital rubella.

Pets may be major cause of water pollution in urban areas
Americans' love affair with their pets may be a major cause of water pollution in urban areas, particularly following periods of heavy rain.

Employees recruited from "inside" sources more likely to stay
A study of employee recruitment found that new hires were more likely to stay at least a year if recruited through inside sources, rather than through ads or employment agencies.

90 high schools will participate in UNC-CH head injury study
Researchers at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill are trying to make sports safer.

In some circumstances parents should avoid sharing a bed with their baby
While the benefits of babies sleeping on their backs are now clear in relation to sudden infant death syndrome, there is conflicting evidence on the effect of infants sharing a bed with their parents.

Americans trust each other less, but still trust institutions
Americans' trust in other people has declined steadily for at least 20 years, new research suggests. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to