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March 15, 2000
Penn collection named a historic chemical landmark
The University of Pennsylvania made history with its appointment of Judith Rodin, the first woman president of an Ivy League school.

Study points to U.S. as generator of greenhouse gases
New research has found that the massive amounts of atmospheric carbon dioxide generated by fossil fuel use in the United States are not completely

A new way to engineer cells: The Staudinger ligation
Scientists have engineered human cells to display markers on oligosaccharides, the complex natural sugars that crowd cell surfaces.

Volunteers can help with mammography promotion
Volunteers can help promote mammography in rural areas, according to a large study of women from 40 communities in Washington State.

Interest in genetic testing for colon cancer high among people with family history
People with a family history of colon cancer express strong interest in having genetic testing, but many do not take advantage of already available screening tests for the disease, researchers from the University of Utah report.

Jefferson and Fox Chase scientists using new technology to search for cancer's molecular origins
Scientists at Jefferson Medical College and Fox Chase Cancer Center, armed with a $2.4 million National Cancer Institute grant, are using state-of-the-art microarray technology to watch patterns of gene expression, hoping to uncover the molecular signatures of how cancer begins.

Smoking linked to physical injuries
Smokers were 1.5 times more likely than nonsmokers to suffer fractures, sprains, and other physical injuries during an eight-week basic training program, a study of Army recruits revealed.

Top N.C. historian details how state has many links to Ireland
North Carolina was the first place the Irish entered the New World to settle, according to University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill historian William S.

U.S. carbon storage: Land use dominates carbon dioxide, climate
A new study, published in the March 17 issue of Science, has found that land use, more than atmospheric carbon dioxide or the vagaries of climate, controls how much carbon is stored each year across the continental United States.

Lack of physical fitness causes higher sports injury rates among women
A new study may help explain why women are more prone to sports injuries than men, as previous research has suggested.

Winds in Pacific climate cycle can foretell Gulf of Mexico hurricanes
A short-term climate cycle that builds in the Indian Ocean and moves eastward through the equatorial Pacific Ocean is a key factor in the formation of hurricanes and tropical storms over the Gulf of Mexico and the western Caribbean Sea, University of Washington researchers have found.

Walking trails boost exercise, improve health at low cost
Exercise is a well known but little used path to better health, so how can communities get more arms and legs pumping before too many hearts stop pumping?

American Thoracic Society news tips for March 2000
News tips from the American Thoracic Society journals for March 2000 feature briefs on research directed at a treatment that prevented all auto accidents for high risk sleep apnea patients over two years; the development of the first biochemical marker for acute lung injury; and a study showing X-ray screening for tuberculosis is the most cost effective disease prevention method for immigrants from high-risk countries.

Public walking trails may increase community fitness levels
When communities build walking trails, new evidence suggests that people may exercise more.

Researchers discover retinal stem cells in adult mammals
When it comes to stem cells, it appears the eyes have it -- researchers at the University of Toronto and the Hospital for Sick Children (HSC) have identified retinal stem cells in the adult mammalian eye, opening the door for retinal regeneration as a possible cure for damaged or diseased eyes. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to