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April 13, 2000
FDA approval means Americans with osteoarthritis have a new option
The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved MOBIC (meloxicam) tablets for marketing as a treatment for osteoarthritis.

Combined therapy improves survival for advanced head and neck cancer
Intensive treatment combining radiation and chemotherapy can control locally advanced head and neck cancer, improve survival and in most cases eliminate the need for debilitating surgery.

Nurses could cost the NHS less than GPs for the same results
Nurses could cost the NHS less than general practitioners in certain circumstances, suggests a study from the University of Manchester in this week's BMJ.

Experts meet to evaluate watershed restoration for salmon in Pacific rivers
Scientists involved in a variety of disciplines that lend themselves to watershed restoration will work together to come up with specific recommendations for watershed restoration for salmon by the end of the three-day workshop.

Gene defects tied to inability of cells to repair DNA damage
In new research carrying implications for human disease development, University of North Carolina scientists and others have linked gene defects to the inability of cells to repair damaged DNA.

AAAS report attributes exodus of ethnic Albanians from Kosovo to deliberate Yugoslav policy
A new AAAS report concludes that the mass exodus of refugees from Kosovo in the spring of 1999 was most likely the result of a deliberate Yugoslav policy of

Vion and Yale University awarded SBIR grant to evaluate anticancer effects of armed TAPETĀ® technology in combination with radiation therapy
Vion Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (NASDAQ NM: VION) today announced they have received a SBIR grant from the NIH/NCI of $100,000.

Menstrual function develops more rapidly than previously thought
New research from Penn State's College of Medicine shows that the menstrual function develops rapidly after the first period (menarche), accompanied by a burst of hormones and no increase in the percent of body fat.

OHSU researchers show premature infants benefit from formula enriched with fatty acids
OHSU researchers show that infant formula enriched with two fatty acids, DHA and AA, can improve the visual and neurolgical development in preterm infants.

Care of mentally ill prisoners well below NHS standards
The care of mentally ill prisoners in prison healthcare centres falls well below that provided for mentally ill patients in the NHS, finds research in this week's BMJ.

Costs of nurse telephone consultations out of hours outweighed by savings
The costs of telephone lines operated by nurses for out of hours primary care may save the NHS money in the long term, indicates research from the University of Southampton in this week's BMJ.

Extinction-prone sunfish and suckers identified
Using a standard statistical method to examine the relationships among geographical range size, body size, habitat breadth and local abundance in North American sunfish and suckers, a Penn State biologist has identified 13 extinction prone species -- and says that there could more.

Penn State cancer researcher shows cancer cells can be contained from growing at second site
Researchers from Penn State's College of Medicine have shown that specific tumor cells can be engineered in mice so that they can suppress growth to a secondary site.

Protein found in yeast and humans appears to play a key role in regulating cell growth
What do humans have in common with yeast -- that lowly, single-celled organism known best for its role in making beer and bread?

Telemedicine application fights diabetic blindness epidemic
The University of Alberta's Department of Ophthalmology is using a new telehealth technology to fight a diabetic blindness epidemic affecting native communities.

Patients as happy to be seen by nurses as by GPs for same day consultations
Two studies in this week's BMJ show that patients requesting same day consultations are as happy to be seen by a nurse as their general practitioner, and in some cases, prefer the experience.

LSU professor taking the guesswork out of hurricane-surge predictions
Thanks to a new program led by LSU's Gregory Stone, Louisiana is now better prepared than ever to monitor hurricanes as they enter the Gulf of Mexico. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to