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April 25, 2000
Trial by laptop
A laptop program called the Electronic Judge is being tested on the streets of Brazil to deliver instant justice on straightforward cases.

Tarlike macro-molecules detected in 'stardust'
The first in-situ chemical analysis of interstellar dust particles produces a puzzling result: These cosmic particles consist mostly of 3-dimensionally cross-linked organic macro- molecules, so-called polymeric-heterocyclic-aromates.

Dementia patients in hospitals longer, increase costs
As the American population continues to age, diagnosis of dementia will increase and the importance of cognitive screening will become increasingly important, suggest two studies in the May issue of the American Journal of Psychiatry.

Latest research findings on urologic disease to be presented at 2000 American Urological Association annual meeting
More than 1,500 original research studies on the prevention, diagnosis, treatment, and management of urologic diseases plue state-of-the-art plenary session presentations highlight the program for the 2000 American Urological Association Annual Meeting scheduled for April 29-May 4 at Atlanta's Georgia World Congress Center.

Children's age differences have effect on views of parental conflict
Children interpret parental conflict differently depending on their age, a new University of Toronto study shows.

New antibiotic-resistant salmonella bacteria identified; Study appears in New England Journal of Medicine
Researchers from the University of Nebraska Medical Center and two other agencies have determined how antibiotic- resistant bacteria develop to cause disease in humans.

'Refreshing' book celebrates childhood, gently urges kids to enjoy all their senses
A new book,

'Handwriting challenged' doctors to take penmanship class at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center
Reading some doctors' prescription orders has been likened to deciphering hieroglyphics or interpreting the Rosetta Stone, but according to Paul B.

ONR looks to human visual system to improve satellite images
An advanced neural network technique to increase the level of detail captured in Landsat satellite images has been developed by ONR researchers.

Long-term safety of concrete for holding nuclear waste is focus of MIT study
Small cylinders of cement rolling to and fro in a gently rocking bath are key to MIT work that could aid efforts to safely contain nuclear waste.

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