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May 03, 2000
On-the-job lead exposure could increase Alzheimer's risk
Occupational lead exposure may have long-term effects and dramatically increase the risk of developing Alzheimer's disease in later years, according to research presented during the American Academy of Neurology's 52nd Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, April 29 - May 6, 2000.

Quality of life returns to normal in year following brachytherapy
In the first study of its type, Wake Forest University investigators reported today (May 3) that the quality of life for prostate cancer patients returns to normal within one year after implantation ofpermanent-source brachytherapy, and symptoms essentially disappear.

UCSF study enrolling post menopausal women for hormone clinical trial
The UC San Francisco department of psychiatry is enrolling post menopausal women for a clinical trial that examines the effects of prescribing the hormone DHEA on sex drive, mood, memory, strength and other areas that often suffer because of a decline in natural DHEA levels as women age.

There's no place like home for stroke rehabilitation
Stroke survivors who can leave the hospital early and rehab at home fare better than those who don't get that opportunity, researchers report in this month's Stroke: Journal of the American Heart Association.

NHLBI issues new clinical advisory on systolic blood pressure
May is National High Blood Pressure Education Month. It also is the start of a major campaign to increase awareness of the dangers of high systolic blood pressure.

News media guide available for southern African environmental research campaign
The Southern African Regional Science Initiative (SAFARI 2000) News Media Guide is now available at

Radar shows giant, bone-shaped asteroid
The Arecibo radiotelescope has obtained radar images--the first ever made of an asteroid in the main belt between Mars and Jupiter--of a giant, dog bone-shaped asteroid, 216 Kleopatra, an apparent leftover from an ancient, violent cosmic collision.

The Jovian dust streams: Io's volcanoes drizzle dust into the solar system
An international team of scientists led by the Max-Planck- Institut fuer Kernphysik in Heidelberg, Germany, after analyzing data from the spacecraft Galileo, has identified Jupiter's moon Io as the dominant source of the streams of dust emanating from the Jupiter system (Nature 10 June 2000).

Freedom of information - The impact of free access on biomedical science
Science is changing. Soon, scientific research will be made freely available to all online.

Addictive behavior cause linked to lower Parkinson's risk
Amidst the mountain of evidence that smoking is harmful, there has been one bit of contrary evidence over the past few years.

Systolic -- not diastolic -- blood-pressure reading should define hypertension, new NIH clinical advisory states
Due to a misunderstanding, the embargo time for this release has been changed from 8 AM EST to 4 PM EST.

Molecules with attitude, ready to perform: Functioning nanostructures self-assemble out of ink
An intelligent ink, as it dries, self-assembles into nanscopic caves in which it interrogates gasses, fluids, light, or electric or magnetic fields passing through it.

Lasers shine new light on gravity waves
In the international hunt for elusive gravity waves, various techniques are being used.

John and Rebecca Moores commit $20 million towards planned UCSD Cancer Center facility
A $20 million philanthropic gift from John Moores, majority owner of the San Diego Padres and Regent of the University of California, is among the largest gifts from private individuals ever received by UCSD and the largest given toward the Cancer Center initative.

Concussions may spell later trouble for football players
SAN DIEGO, CA - The first scientific survey of head injuries in professional football players suggests that head trauma from the sport may lead to later neurological problems.

High technology meets the High Plains in STEPS-2000
Scientists are now realizing that the unsung low- precipitation storm may hold a key to understanding the microphysics and electrification of other kinds of thunderstorms.

Researchers find unusual protein in bacterium
Oxygen is poison to some bacteria. Researchers have identified an unusual protein that may explain how those bacteria detect oxygen and avoid it for survival.

Scientists catch "molecular snapshot" of COX-2 in action
A team of Vanderbilt University biochemists and pharmaceutical industry researchers have caught a

Brookfield Zoo hosts international ape conference
Brookfield Zoo is hosting an international conference May 10- 13, 2000, that will define the obstacles facing apes in this century.

An active life helps to ward off Alzheimer's
SAN DIEGO, CA - Keeping active outside work, either physically or mentally, in the midlife years may help prevent Alzheimer's disease, according to a study presented at the American Academy of Neurology's 52nd Annual Meeting in San Diego, CA, April 29 - May 6, 2000.

Benzene responsible for high percentage of leukemia deaths induced by smoking
Benzene, a potent chemical found in cigarette smoke and automobile emissions, appears responsible for between 8 percent and 48 percent of all smoking-induced leukemia deaths, a new University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill study indicates.

Study: Patient race and sex influence medical students' evaluations of chest pain
Racial and gender biases appear to be present in medical students at the earliest stages of their medical training, even before clinical experience can shape their perception about the impact of those variables on diseases, a study has found.

CAN Annual Conference 2000
Researchers, industry, venture capital, health care providers and members of associated organizations are invited to attend a forum designed to inform you about the latest developments in arthritis research and activities of the Canadian Arthritis Network and our Partners, from bench to bedside. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to