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June 30, 2000
HMO physicians generally experience less job satisfaction
Physicians who work in health maintenance organizations are generally less satisfied with their jobs and more likely to leave their practices than are physicians in other settings, a national survey of more than 2,300 physicians revealed.

Rosetta Inpharmatics publishes gene expression profiling data
Researchers at Rosetta Inpharmatics in the July 3rd issue of Nature Genetics, reported findings illustrating the potential for gene expression analysis technologies in deciphering the molecular mechanisms of disease.

Empathetic, knowledgeable physicians can improve HIV patient satisfaction
HIV patients who see their primary care physician as empathetic or knowledgeable about the disease are more likely than other HIV patients to express satisfaction with their physician.

A more accurate measure of exercise ability in older people reported by San Francisco VA Medical Center researchers
Researchers at the San Francisco Veterans Affairs Medical Center and UC Berkeley have found a more reliable way to measure physical and cardiopulmonary fitness in elderly people.

Hoping to end debate, spur action worldwide, scientists sign statement that HIV causes AIDS
Hoping to bury the destructive notion that HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, does not the cause of the illness and global epidemic and to eliminate misinformation, more than 5,000 prominent AIDS experts, other doctors and scientists around the world have signed and released a statement outlining their views. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to