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July 06, 2000
Twofold increase in adult asthma in 20 years, irrespective of smoking
The level of asthma in adults has increased more than twofold in 20 years, irrespective of smoking, according to a unique study in this week's BMJ.

Noted UCSF researcher to argue innate immune system plays vital role in fighting HIV
A debate between leading AIDS researchers on the role of the immune system in HIV infection will highlight the plenary sessions at the upcoming XIII International AIDS Conference in Durban, South Africa (July 9-14).

Laparoscopic procedure enables living organ donor to return to work a week after donating her kidney
Thanks to a video-assisted laparoscopic nephrectomy at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a California woman donated a kidney to her cousin and was back to work about a week later.

NRC scientists grow organic wires for nanoscale devices
By prompting organic molecules to spontaneously line up along natural pathways on a silicon crystal, scientists at the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) have taken a key step toward the next revolution in microchip technology: the fabrication of tiny devices that sense, analyze, and respond to information in their environment.

Scientists to present findings and participate in policy discussions at Ocean Science Forums
On July 17 and 18, the American Association for the Advancment of Science, in conjuction with other organizations, will host two days of conferences to foster awareness of scientific findings and develop a policy agenda on ocean issues to meet national and international needs.

Mutation causes dangerously high blood pressure during pregnancy
HHMI researchers have uncovered the first molecular mechanism by which women can develop severe hypertension during pregnancy.

Drug use and hepatitis infection are widespread in Irish prisons
Drug use and infection with hepatitis C are endemic among Irish prisoners, stressing the need for scrutiny and improvement of the Irish prison healthcare system, according to a study in this week's BMJ.

New evidence of link between common infection and stroke
In a study published in the July issue of the journal Stroke, Dr.

AAAS seeks entries for online category in Science Journalism Awards
The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is seeking entries for the new online category in its Science Journalism Awards competition, sponsored by The Whitaker Foundation.

Rosetta Inpharmatics' approach enables identification of gene functions
Researchers at Rosetta Inpharmatics, Inc. ( today, in the July 7th issue of Cell, report significant findings demonstrating how high quality, comprehensive gene expression analysis data and powerful computational methods coupled with appropriate genetically modified organisms can be used to decipher the function of previously uncharacterized genes.

Fly studies link three genes to malignant epithelial growth
HHMI researchers have found that three fruit fly genes with close counterparts in human cells are part of the machinery that governs the orderly arrangement and growth of epithelial cells.

UI researcher validates underpinnings of scientific theory
In a paper published in the July 7 issue of Science, Jonathan Adrain, University of Iowa assistant professor of geoscience, and his University of Oklahoma colleague confirm that paleobiologists studying the evolution of ancient marine life, while overlooking much relevant data, have the record straight.

Antimalarial drug may point way to new class of antibiotics
Chemical cousins of an often-used antimalarial drug may help treat serious antibiotic-resistant infections, new research shows.

Experiments reveal new details of the architecture of ion channels
HHMI researchers have solved the crystal structure of the cytoplasmic-facing portion of voltage-dependent potassium channels, which control the flow of potassium out of cells.

Yale scientists identify genetic form of hypertension in pregnant women
A Yale research team led by Richard P. Lifton, M.D., professor of genetics, medicine, and molecular biophysics and biochemistry, has identified the molecular cause of an inherited form of hypertension in pregnant women.

Mathematics educator, researcher receives NSF CAREER award
Gwen Lloyd, a mathematics educator at Virginia Tech, has received a CAREER award from the National Science Foundation. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to