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July 19, 2000
NYU announces establishment of a center for comparative functional genomics
New York University today announced the formation of a Center for Comparative Functional Genomics.

Kidney transplant proposal reduces wait from 24 to 14 months, improves equity for blacks & women
A proposed new system for assigning kidneys to patients waiting for transplants would reduce the waiting time for transplantation from 24 to 14 months and improve equity for African-Americans and women, according to a study published in a journal of the Institute for Operations Research and the Management Sciences (INFORMSĀ®).

UF researcher: gene therapy effective in animal studies of Parkinson's disease
An international team of scientists has reversed some of the effects of Parkinson's disease in rats with a drug-induced form of the progressive movement disorder.

Neuronal research: The brain needs to feel the beat
How do the eyes

Married couples who lived together before wedding show poorer communication skills
A Penn State study that involved video taping 92 recently married couples talking in their living rooms, showed that those that had lived together before tying the knot had poorer communication skills when trying to solve a marital or personal problem than couples who didn't previously cohabit.

UC San Diego-UC Irvine proposal among finalists for California Institutes for Science and Innovation
Governor Gray Davis announced July 19 that the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technologies [Cal-(IT)2], a joint proposal of UC San Diego and UC Irvine, has been selected among the six finalists to be submitted for final consideration as a California Institute for Science and Innovation.

Technique shows ratcheting motion of ribosomes
Using a technique called three-dimensional cryo-electron microscopy, HHMI researchers have detected a ratcheting rotation deep inside the ribosome, the cell's tiny protein- making

Free colloquium at UC San Diego explores bioengineering in the 21st Century
Three experts from industry, government and the university will come together on August 9 to provide insights into bioengineering, a field critical to future medical advances.

Workers' comp: perfect fit for chiropractic
Medical biases against doctors of chiropractic in the workers' compensation arena are beginning to fade, as new research points to chiropractic's effectiveness at getting workers back on their feet more quickly and less expensively than traditional medical care, according to the July 2000 Journal of the American Chiropractic Association (JACA).

Physicists find first direct evidence for tau neutrino
Scientists will announce tomorrow (July 21) at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory that they have produced the first direct evidence of the tau neutrino, confirming the existence of an extraordinarily elusive constituent of matter.

Gene discovered for primary pulmonary hypertension
Researchers at Columbia University have discovered that mutations in the bone morphogenetic protein receptor II cause familial primary pulmonary hypertension.

MIT researchers' theoretical waveguide may open new avenues in telecommunications and optical devices
MIT researchers have used the concept behind the

Evaluating how temperature affects superconductor perfromance becomes more precise
Evaluating how temperature affects superconductor performance has become far more precise -- thanks to a recent development by Weizmann Institute Scientists.

Car head restraints can exacerbate whiplash injuries
Head restraints designed to protect riders in many of today's automobiles can actually make whiplash injuries more severe, according to an article published in the July 2000 issue of the Journal of the American Chiropractic Association (JACA).

Experiments point to new theory of skeletal development
Curious children and developmental biologists have long pondered the question: what makes a thumb a thumb and a pinkie a pinkie?

Purdue researcher solves sorghum mystery
Sorghum equals or exceeds many other cereal grains in essential proteins.

Beyond the everlasting lightbulb
The University of Cambridge and Thomas Swan Scientific Equipment Ltd have announced a major new partnership that will allow scientists to develop innovative technology based on the material gallium nitride.

UNC-CH professor helps celebrate 100 years of Oz, hopes Potter books will renew interest in Dorothy
With all the hoopla surrounding publication of the newest Harry Potter book, it's easy to overlook what's been called America's most distinctive contribution to the world literature of fairy tales --

American Thoracic Society news tips for July 2000
Stories from the American Thoracic Society (ATS) July journals include: research on a greater rate of hospitalization associated with occupational asthma; a high incidence of clinically silent acid reflux detected among asthma patients; and diesel exhaust tests show tiny particles cause airway inflammation in normal subjects.

UI researchers represent United States in 3-D space weather mission
University of Iowa space researchers will get a three- dimensional look at space weather later this year, thanks to the successful launch of the first half of the four-satellite Cluster 2 space mission.

McNair receives American Chemical Society's Calvin Giddings Award
Harold McNair of the Virginia Tech chemistry department has won the Year 2000 Calvin Giddings Award from the Analytical Division of the American Chemical Society.

Research critically needed for manned space exploration
If the nation is serious about the manned exploration and development of space, then more attention must be focused now on research to study how weightlessness and reduced gravity would affect everything from power production to plumbing, says a recently published report funded by NASA.

Computing the connections between proteins
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