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November 08, 2000
Hopkins researchers develop method to predict response to chemotherapy
Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Oncology Center uncovered a genetic alteration that appears to predict how individuals with an aggressive type of brain cancer will respond to chemotherapy.

DFG establishes 23 new graduiertenkollegs (university graduate training programmes)
The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) has approved the establishment of 23 new Graduiertenkollegs for 1st April 2001.

Carnegie Mellon statistical study shows with extreme confidence that ballot cost Gore votes
A statistical, county-by-county analysis of the Florida vote by a Carnegie Mellon University Social and Decision Sciences Professor shows

X-ray snapshots capture the first cries of baby stars
Astronomers announce today they have used the Chandra X-ray Observatory to discover that protostars--stars in their youngest,

Media images may deter women from breast feeding
Breast and bottle feeding are portrayed very differently in UK mass media and may have a negative impact on women's decisions about breast feeding, according to a study from Brunel University in this week's BMJ.

Study: Bush's placement on top of Florida ballot gave him edge
A 1998 study of Ohio elections showed that candidates received an average of 2.33 percent more votes when their names appeared first on the ballots, compared to being listed last.

Impurities in biominerals reveal key to understanding climate change, will lead to novel materials
The calcium carbonate skeletons produced by ocean organisms contain important clues to Earth history.

Rivastigmine tartrate reduces cognitive decline of people with mild to moderate Alzheimer's disease
Neurologist Martin Farlow, M.D., of Indiana University School of Medicine reports that patients treated daily with 6 mg. to 12 mg. of rivastigmine had significantly better cognitive function over the course of 52 weeks than patients originally treated with placebo or who received lower doses of the drug.

Wet combing is far more effective in detecting head lice than traditional scalp inspection
Traditional scalp inspection is a poor technique for detecting head lice, as 30 per cent of its

Clinton names Fermi Award winners; Sidney Drell honored
President Clinton on Thursday named Sidney Drell, a physicist and professor emeritus at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center (SLAC), a winner of the Enrico Fermi Award, which is given for a lifetime of achievement in the field of nuclear energy.

New treatment technology acquired by Fox Chase Cancer Center reduces radiation of healthy tissue
Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, PA has acquired a new technology that allows a more precise delivery of high dose radiation to tumors while sparing healthy tissues and critical structures.

Boston hospitals report early results of endostatin clinical trial
Endostatin, a drug that seeks to reduce tumors by cutting off their blood supply, appears to be safe and well-tolerated, according to preliminary results on 19 people studied in Boston. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to