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December 07, 2000
Screensavers of the world, unite!
Picture this: millions of iMac and PC owners around the world using their home computers to help scientists solve complex computational problems.

New transistor could keep computer evolution on track
Engineers have new information contradicting the most dire predictions about the imminent demise of Moore's Law, a general rule that is central to the evolution and success of the computer industry.

Simple psychological treatments can reduce depression in the community
As part of a major European study of depression in urban and rural communities, research in this week's BMJ finds that two simple psychological interventions are effective in reducing the severity and duration of depression and improving mental and social functioning in adults.

Flat is beautiful: University of Georgia chemist discovers new bonding arrangement for carbon molecules
A computational chemist at the University of Georgia has found an entirely new bonding arrangement for carbon molecules, a discovery that could open new ideas about life's most basic element

Hepatitis C drug overwhelms virus with flood of mutations - surprising mechanism may improve anti-viral treatments, UCSF study finds
Researchers at University of California, San Francisco have discovered that the hepatitis C drug ribavirin kills viruses by generating a flood of new mutations that overwhelm the virus.

UCSD researchers determine that DNA-repair enzyme also plays critical role in innate immunity
An enzyme involved in DNA repair has been shown by researchers at the UCSD School of Medicine to also play a critical role in innate immunity, the body's first response against invading bacteria, viruses and toxins.

New Alzheimer's drug will benefit patients and carers
Galantamine, a new treatment for Alzheimer's disease, is effective and well tolerated in patients with mild to moderate forms of the disease and is associated with significant benefits on patients' daily living activities, finds a study in this week's BMJ.

NSF grantees featured at ASCB meeting
National Science Foundation (NSF) grantees will contribute a wide range of insights and research findings at the annual meeting of the American Society for Cell Biology (ASCB), in such areas as the biological determinants of circadian functions, the regulation of cells by proteins and the effects of wave-driven chemicals on coral reefs.

New data show Atacand together with Zestril produces tighter blood pressure control in type 2 diabetes patients
The results of the CALM study published today in the BMJ demonstrate that AT1-receptor blockade with Atacand® (candesartan cilexetil) together with ACE inhibition with Zestril® (lisinopril) is effective in reducing blood pressure and albumin excretion in hypertensive type 2 diabetic patients with microalbuminuria.

League tables: doctors warned to think again
A letter in this week's BMJ reports on the dysfunctional effects of league tables in education and suggests that these effects may apply to some of the issues surrounding league tables in the health sector.

Why diet drug phen/fen damaged the heart
A new study published in the December 5 issue of the American Heart Association's journal

PBBs in fire retardant associated with early menstruation in Michigan girls whose mothers were exposed in 1973
Foods that were contaminated in Michigan in 1973, when a fire retardant containing the chemical polybrominated biphenyl PBB was accidentally mixed with animal feed,have been associated with an early onset of menstruation and public hair in some daughters of the women exposed, scientist reported.

Clemson wireless communications research will help revolutionize military communications
A $4.4 million grant to Clemson University researchers may revolutionize battlefield communication networks ­ making not only communications more reliable but the communication equipment much lighter and more mobile. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to