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December 16, 2000
Chemical may deter starfish from devouring endangered coral reefs
Researchers in Japan have discovered a chemical in sea urchins that might be used to lure starfish away from coral reefs, an endangered ecosystem they are devouring at an alarming rate.

Historic records reveal links between El Niño, coastal erosion, and shifting sands of beaches in central California
Erosion of seacliffs, damage to coastal structures, and the comings and goings of beach sand along California's central coast are all closely linked to the intense winter storms associated with El Niño.

Mother and teen conversations can prevent harmful college drinking behavior, say researchers
Simple mother and teen conversations like,

More evidence that soy may reduce breast cancer risk
A study of Asian women offers more evidence that a long-term diet rich in soy can be linked to a reduced risk of breast cancer - as much as 50 percent in some cases.

Beer, in moderation, cuts risk of cataracts and heart disease
Canadian and U.S. researchers say animal studies show that antioxidants in beer, especially the darker ales and stouts, may reduce the incidence of atherosclerosis and cataracts by as much as 50 percent.

Canadian scientists present new research findings at Pacifichem 2000
New medical findings on topics including chronic pain, hepatitis C and non-insulin dependent diabetes will be presented by Canadian chemists in Honolulu at the 2000 International Chemical Congress of Pacific Basin Societies. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to