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January 07, 2001
Astronomers discover more than 150 rapidly moving stars in the Milky Way
Astronomers have found 154 rapidly moving stars towards the center of our galaxy and our brightest neighboring galaxy.

Chandra reveals the X-ray glint in the Cat's Eye
Scientists have discovered a glowing bubble of hot gas and an unexpected X-ray bright central star within the planetary nebula known as the Cat's Eye using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory.

Risk for Alzheimer's disease in African-American and Caribbean Hispanic seniors is twice that of whites
Researchers at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute have found that the risk for developing Alzheimer's is elevated in African-Americans and Caribbean Hispanics.

Former American Astronomical Society president, Frank Shu, awarded Dannie Heinemann Prize
Frank Shu has been awarded the 2000 Dannie Heinemann Prize for Astrophysics.

Livermore research team wins distinguished Department of Energy award for development of miniature glucose sensor for diabetes patients
The DOE today awarded a Lawrence Laboratory research team led by physicist Stephen Lane with the Bright Light Award for its work developing an implantable device to monitor glucose levels in diabetes patients.

New way to preserve wood
A new preservative treatment method that uses supercritical carbon dioxide (CO2) to carry preservatives into wood is being developed in Australia.

Survey's early results hint at galactic fossils
Intriguing patterns of star motion and composition in the Milky Way hint at the presence of a remnant of a smaller galaxy consumed by the Milky Way billions of years ago.

Food restriction linked to lower self esteem among overweight 5-yr olds
A Penn State study has found that parents' degree of concern about their daughter's weight and their adoption of restrictions on certain foods were associated with lower self esteem among overweight girls as young as 5 years of age.

Yale astronomers discover remains of ancient galaxies in the Milky Way
Two Yale astronomers have discovered that, contrary to previous beliefs, the area around the Milky Way contains the remains of small galaxies that were torn apart by the Milky Way's gravity.

Hubble Space Telescope observations provide strong support for the existence of baryonic galactic dark matter
Through a Hubble Space Telescope analysis of stars that have undergone gravitational microlensing, astronomers have collected strong evidence that microlensing events are caused by compact dark matter in the halo of the Milky Way.

Tax top of the food chain to aid environmental sustainability
A new tax on meat and other products near the top of the food chain would improve environmental sustainability, according to Cornell ecologist David Pimentel, co-author of the new book,

New study links diabetes and high blood pressure to decline in mental ability
A new, six-year study of people age 40 to 70 years old has found that people with diabetes and high blood pressure are more likely to experience cognitive decline (a decline in mental ability) as compared to people of that age who do not have the conditions.

Study: Fast follow-up eases mammogram stress
Women with abnormal mammograms experience less anxiety when they receive further testing that day compared to women who come back later for follow-up care, say UC Davis radiologists in a new study.

Fewer airline crashes linked to 'pilot error'
A scientific study of aviation crashes in the United States concludes that

Simultaneous stellar explosions create swiss-cheese structure in distant galaxy
Scientists have used light from a quasar to reveal the invisible swiss-cheese structure of a galaxy seven billion light-years from Earth, which was riddled with superbubble holes by massive explosions of several thousand dying stars.

Stardust prepares to pick up speed from Earth's gravity
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