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February 16, 2001
Leading marine scientists release new evidence that marine reserves produce enormous benefits within their boundaries and beyond
Today at the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) Meeting in San Francisco, past president Dr.

Award winners announced for 2001 Merck/AAAS undergraduate science
The Merck Company Foundation and the American Association for the Advancement of Science today announced the names of the 15 universities and colleges that have won awards under the newly expanded program to provide research experiences in chemistry and biology for undergraduate students.

Uncertainty of rapid climate change more crucial than ice ages
Climate always changes and what we are used to today is about as stable as climate gets, according to a Penn State glaciologist who has investigated climate records from both poles.

A map for the future: Fundamental limit defines future opportunities for silicon nanoelectronics
Electronics researchers have defined a fundamental limit that will help extend a half-century's progress in producing ever- smaller microelectronic devices for increasingly more powerful and less expensive computerized equipment.

New AAAS project links judges to experts in science and engineering
Judges who would like to understand the scientific concepts in a complicated case now will have a place to turn to for expertise.

AAAS atlas shows human impact on environment
The AAAS announced today the publication of an atlas that graphically illustrates the link between population and the environment.

Beyond Viagra: other phosphodiesterase inhibitors are candidates for potential therapies
The same basic process used by the popular pharmaceutical Viagra may someday help people suffering from a variety of conditions, from allergies to diabetes.

Debate over genetically modified food gets an educational home on the web
Will genetically modified food benefit society, or will it ultimately pose threats to human health, the environment and the world economy?

Scientific theory of marine reserves to be released
The science of marine reserves -- protected areas of the ocean -- takes a major leap forward today with the release of findings by a prominent international group of scientists that marine reserves can be highly successful in preserving and increasing ocean life.

What lies beneath: scientist reports on the dramatic geology of iceland's subglacial lakes at AAAS Annual Meeting
Subglacial lakes, large bodies of unfrozen water beneath ice masses, are relatively unexplored components of glacial geology that have important consequences for ice-sheet dynamics, proglacial environments, ocean circulation and gclimate change.

Coping with natural disasters along the Pacific Rim
The Pacific Rim is home to nearly two billion people from widely diverse cultures and backgrounds, yet all share a common predicament: Sooner or later, a natural disaster will touch their lives.

'Life in ice' scientist hopes for power in San Francisco
John Priscu has given presentations about his work in Antarctica under all kinds of conditions.

1,000 San Francisco school children to celebrate public science day at Exploratorium
About 1000 students from four San Francisco public schools will celebrate Public Science Day 2001 at The Exploratorium today, where they will conduct experiments in sound, flight, and magnetism. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to