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March 05, 2001
Speaking of sperm whales
Concerned that the increasing levels of manmade noise can hurt this endangered species as well as others, the Office of Naval Research (ONR) cooperates with a team of agencies interested in knowing exactly how the sperm whale is being affected behaviorally by the noise of off-shore drilling and seismic surveys.

World's leading experts meet to talk oxygen
Mix scientific findings and world experts with chocolate and wine and what do you get?

To succeed as entrepreneurs, women must extend networks beyond family members
Women who dream of becoming entrepreneurs need to expand their informal business discussion networks beyond family members, new research suggests.

Guidelines and the difficult issue of rationing
Guidelines for cardiac tests or treatment increasingly incorporate psychosocial factors into patient-selection criteria.

Small molecule found to mimic key nerve growth factors; May eventually be used in treatment of brain disorders
Scientists have found that a small, naturally-occurring molecule that enters the brain easily keeps nerve cells alive by stimulating the actions of growth factors.

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