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May 27, 2001
Breaking into the brain
Researchers have found that immune cells must cross two distinct barriers in order to enter the brain.

Care for women with high blood pressure falls short
The quality of care for women with high blood pressure falls considerably short of the standards set by a panel of medical experts, according to a RAND report in Archives of Internal Medicine.

Exercise and heparin may grow new blood vessels, improve hearts in children with blocked arteries
A new therapy using the anti-clotting drug heparin and 10- minute spurts of exercise grew new blood vessels and widened blocked arteries in children with Kawasaki disease, according to a report in today's Circulation.

History in a box: Leaping from TV to our collective memory
Did Sam Beckett, fictional hero on the 1990s NBC-TV show Quantum Leap, help shape our memories of the U.S. past?

Dopamine-dampening gene linked to prefrontal inefficiency, schizophrenia
NIMH scientists have linked a gene variant that reduces dopamine activity in the prefrontal cortex to poorer performance and inefficient functioning of that brain region during working memory tasks, and to slightly increased risk for schizophrenia.

Study shows obesity bad for the mind too
While studies have linked obesity to serious cardiovascular diseases including strokes and heart attacks, University of Toronto researchers have found that overeating can damage overall health - from slower thinking to experiencing more pain.

First non-surgical bypass successfully turns vein into artery
A 53-year-old German man became the first person to undergo a new, non-surgical technique that turned one of his coronary veins into a coronary artery to bypass a blockage, according to a special report in today's Circulation.

Cancer protein chops cell anchors
Matrix metalloproteinases (MMPs) act like machetes in a forest: they clear a path to allow cell movement. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to