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June 30, 2001
Identifying novel small RNAs
As publishe din G&D, researchers have more than doubled the number of identified sRNAs in E. coli.

All RBs are not alike: insight into RB in the plant cell cycle
By identifying and functionally characterizing an RB homolog in a simple green algae, scientists have shed a surprising new light on the potential role of RB-like proteins in the plant cell cycle.

Manipulating a single gene dramatically improves regeneration in adult neurons: Finding may lead to new approaches for treating brain and spinal cord damage
Increasing the expression of a single gene that is important during development dramatically improves the ability of adult neurons to regenerate, a new study shows.

Northern Vietnam drinking water contains dangerous arsenic levels
The drinking water in parts of northern Vietnam is contaminated with arsenic levels 50 times higher than Vietnamese standards, potentially exposing millions of people to the toxic element, according to a report published in the July 1 issue of Environmental Science & Technology, a journal of the American Chemical Society.

Murine model of human hyperinsulinism
Scientists have developed a mouse model of human familial hyperinsulinism that will serve as an invaluable tool in the design and testing of therapeutic strategies to combat familial hyperinsulinism. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to