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July 31, 2001
Extreme precipitation linked to waterborne disease outbreaks
Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health have conducted a study comparing precipitation in the United States and outbreaks of waterborne diseases.

Alcohol-related problems among high-risk college-age drinkers significantly reduced by brief intervention program
A brief non-confrontational intervention program administered to high-risk college-age drinkers when they entered college had long-lasting effects that persisted over four years in reducing the number of alcohol-related problems.

Development of new animal model will enable researchers to test Hep C drugs
A team of University of Alberta researchers has successfully created a mouse model that scientists can now use to test antiviral therapies against Hepatitis C, a contagious viral disease that usually leads to serious, permanent liver damage.

Practicing different skills in concentrated blocks not the most efficient way to learn, according to new research
A new study confirms earlier research on both verbal and motor learning that practicing several different skills in separate, concentrated blocks leads to better performance during practice but not during the actual task.

Plant response to light and stress
In ever-changing environmental conditions, the regulation of plant growth and development relies on precisely orchestrated cues provided by plant hormones.

BioMed Central to publish clinical trial protocols to raise the standards of medical research
BioMed Central now publishes clinical trial protocols in its range of 'free to access' online medical journals.

Virtual hurricanes: NCAR model pushes frontier
In a key step toward improving the prediction of hurricanes, scientists at the National Center for Atmospheric Research have reproduced in a computer model the fine-scale structure that drives the birth and strengthening of tropical cyclones.

Oestrogen could explain greater lung cancer risk in women
Reviews in this months issue of THE LANCET Oncology include:
- Oestrogen could explain greater lung cancer risk in women
- Depression in cancer paients
- Optimum anthracycline-based chemotherapy for early breast cancer
- Repair of DNA interstrand crosslinks: molecular mechanisms and clinical relevance
- Meta-analyses of randomised clinical trials in oncology
- Immunotherapy of cancer with alloreactive lymphocytes

Mouse model of type 2 diabetes
Scientists from the NIH have developed a mouse model of type 2 diabetes.

Relative's sudden death is a poor predictor of risk from genetic heart disorder
New research into a sometimes deadly heart-rhythm disorder, Long QT Syndrome, points to an individual's own characteristics as the best indicator of the risk of sudden death.

Space research briefs - August
1) Getting along in space: Crews on a two-year mission to Mars will not only be separated from family, but also they will have to work in harmony with their colleagues.

Green tobacco sickness 'highly prevalent' in N.C. farmworkers
Green tobacco sickness

High levels of depression, posttraumatic stress disorder remain in Bosnian refugee population
Bosnian refugees traumatized by mass violence in the war in the Balkans continue to exhibit high levels of mental illnesses such as depression and posttraumatic stress disorder, according to a unique study appearing in this month's issue of the Journal of the American Medical Association.

Eaten as food, African orchids threatened by illegal trade
More than 2.2 million wild orchids are being strip-mined each year from a unique region in Africa, fueled by a growing demand to use the plants as food, according to a report released today by the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS).

Brain tumors and mouse models: New insight into the development of gliomas
In the latest issue of Genes & Development, a team led by Dr.

New NEAR movie features footage from a landing spacecraft
Stunning close-up views of asteroid 433 Eros from the descending NEAR Shoemaker spacecraft get top billing in a new movie from NASA's Near Earth Asteroid Rendezvous (NEAR) mission.

New Lancet review journal launched
August 2001 heralds the arrival of THE LANCET INFECTIOUS DISEASES, a new monthly specialty review journal from The Lancet Publishing Group.

UCSF studies abused women and state mandatory reporting law
A UCSF study of mandatory reporting of domestic violence to the police examined the attitudes of female emergency department patients and found that nearly half (44.3 percent) of abused women in the study do not support this state law.

UF research: Undercharged A/C systems a common, costly problem
As the dog days of summer continue, lowering your electricity bills while staying cool and conserving energy may be easier than you think.

Cal-(IT)2 unveils 2nd-generation website
To News Editors--Effective August 1, the California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology launches a new website to facilitate media access and highlight up-to-date news and information about cutting-edge research projects now underway at the institute and its affiliated partners. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to