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November 30, 2001
Oral administration of estrogen replacement therapy suppresses the biological actions of growth hormones in GH-deficient women
Findings demonstrate for the first time that the impact of oral estrogen extends beyond effects on circulating IGF-I levels as GH-induced stimulation of fat oxidation, protein metabolism also affected.

Women more susceptible to orthostatic hypotension
New study provides physiological basis that women are more susceptible to Orthostatic Hypotension than men.

World's largest society names Wisconsin chemist congressional fellow
The American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, has named Carl Picconatto, of Stevens Point, Wisc., a congressional fellow.

World's largest society names Massachusetts chemist congressional fellow
The American Chemical Society, the world's largest scientific society, has named Richard A.

Both shape and size matter in tiny world of nanoparticles
Scientists at Northwestern University have created a nanoparticle with a new shape that could be a useful tool in the race to detect biological threats.

Testosterone dose-repsonse relationships in healthy young men
New study dispels belief that increasing the hormone level improves the sexual function.

Poor adherence to pain medication regimen, insufficient prescriptions, key factors in ineffective cancer pain management
Lack of adherence to pain medication regimens and inadequate analgesic prescriptions are the main reasons cancer patients do not achieve adequate pain relief, a new study finds.

Genetic takeover threatens crayfish
Introduced crayfish are wiping out native species in North America, which has three-quarters of the crayfish species worldwide.

Seroquel Adjunctive therapy offers significant benefits over mood stabilisation monothrapy
Results from a first-ever controlled study evaluating efficacy and safety of antipsychotic treatment in adolescent bipolar disorder demonstrate that adding the atypical antipsychotic Seroquel (quetiapine) to mood stabilisation therapy is significantly more effective than mood stabilisation alone.

UT Southwestern research projects bolstered with $3.6 million in funding
The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board has approved grants totaling $3.6 million - more than any other medical center in the state - to fund 19 research projects at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas.

Cardiologists at Rush study use of low-dose radiation to prevent restenosis in leg arteries
Blood vessels and arteries in the legs can become blocked just like those in the heart, but a new study being conducted at Rush-Presbyterian-St.

Special section: Habitat fragmentation can amplify
Habitat fragmentation is even more devastating than we thought. Fragments are well-known to be inferior to intact habitat because they are more likely to lose species.

SNM and ACNP CMS PET reimbursement statement
CMS' new reimbursement rate for FDG PET of $1375.00 has good and disappointing news.

Jefferson scientists use computer model to show cancer may be a stem cell disorder
Cancer may be a disease of stem cells gone awry.

Stem cells, forged into neurons, show promise for brain repair
Scientists have demonstrated the ability of human embryonic stem cells to develop into nascent brain cells and, seeded into the intact brains of baby mice, further develop into healthy, functioning neural cells.

Sociologists find more active religions attract members
Members of the Mormon Church focus on donating two years of their lives for missions.

Lobster sniffing: how lobsters' hairy noses capture smells from the sea
A new study of lobster noses turns up a sophisticated sniffing technique that may provide inspiration for robots that sniff odors underwater.

Past fire regime is key to managing chaparral fires in southern California
Understanding fire's role of fire in chaparral ecosystems is necessary to manage fires in southern California's shrublands, where large fires sweep the landscape each year, threatening lives and homes.

Prejudices toward minority and age groups can be lessened by focusing on social context, according to new research
People have prejudices toward others that they are sometimes unaware of and therefore cannot easily control or change.

Smaller hospitals OK for heart bypass surgery - if your risk is small
Patients whose overall health is good - aside from their clogged arteries - do fine if they have a heart bypass at a hospital that does less than 200 of the operations a year, a new study finds.

Simulation explains mystery of giant planets' tiny moons
Cornell planetary scientists have used one of the world's most powerful computing clusters to simulate motions of the small moons of Jupiter over a one billion-year epoch, learning how the tugs and pulls of the sun and planets shake out the permanent moons of the giant planets from those that get tossed away.

DEA approves UC center for medicinal cannabis studies
The UC's Center for Medicinal Cannabis Research,(CMCR),has received DEA approval to begin two clinical studies on the possible efficacy of cannabis in the treatment of two severe medical disorders.

Influence of gender on upper airway structure and function during obstructive sleep apnea
Study exploring Obstructive Sleep Apnea appears in the November Edition of the Journal of Applied Physiology.

Scientists find hidden piece of influenza virus
For nearly 20 years, scientists have labored under the assumption that the influenza virus comprises only 10 protein molecules that form its structure and carry out its activities.

Prescribed burning: Do we really know what we're doing?
New research shows that prescribed burning may be used too widely.

Giant pandas have plenty of genetic diversity
Even though there are only about 1,000 giant pandas left, there is hope for this beloved endangered species.

Gender issues related to spaceflight: A NASA perspective
Study from the November Edition of the Journal of Applied Physiology explores gender differences in space. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to