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January 29, 2002
Growth factor receptor signaling critical to intestinal tumor development, studies show
Scientists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Vanderbilt University say they have uncovered a major clue to what causes and promotes development of intestinal tumors.

DNA arrays give clues to better vaccines
Scientists in Richard Young's lab of the Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research are eavesdropping on the cross talk between invading microbes and the immune cells of our body, using DNA microarrays.

Dead leave stain of distress on mortuary workers
Survivors of wars, terrorist attacks and natural disasters are at particular risk of developing posttraumatic stress disorder, but similar signs of distress may appear in those who handle the human consequences of these events, according to a new study.

New theory of the evolution of bird flight linked to parental care
Modern birds evolved from ground-dwelling reptiles as their increasingly refined parenting skills led them into the trees, where they could better protect their young, proposes a researcher at the University of California, Davis.

Josephson synthesizer circuit demonstrated
Electrical engineers would love to have a waveform synthesizer using Josephson junctions to provide precisely defined output voltages, frequencies and waveforms of any arbitrary shape.

Magnetic stimulation may be as effective as electroconvulsive therapy in treating severe depression
Repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation, or rTMS, which delivers brief but intense magnetic pulses to the brain, may be as effective as traditional electroconvulsive therapy in treating severe depression, according to a University of Illinois at Chicago study.

UF study: Healthy aging depends on social as well as physical activity
Pressing the flesh may be just as important as pumping iron if you want to age gracefully and healthily, a new University of Florida study suggests.

UK researchers shed new light on a cause of recurrent miscarriages
Women who carry a particular genetic mutation that predisposes them to blood clots have a significantly higher chance of miscarrying, according to UK researchers in a report (Wednesday 30 January) in Europe's leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction.

NIST materials science pioneer John Cahn to receive Bower Award from Franklin Institute
NIST materials scientist John Cahn has been selected as the winner of the 2002 Bower Award and Prize for Achievement in Science from the Franklin Institute.

Supportive homes mean less risky sex among black adolescent females
Black adolescent females who feel they can talk to their families and receive help from them are more likely to have steady partners who use condoms than are girls from unsupportive families.

New technique speeds gene research in mammalian cells
In a study published in the February 5 issue of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, CSHL scientist Gregory Hannon and his colleagues report a new technique for carrying out genetic analysis directly in mammalian cells.

Chronically ill kids put up defenses to hide depression
Children with cancer and other chronic illnesses often adapt to their conditions by repressing their emotions, covering over feelings of depression and anxiety, a new study finds.

Blue-collar workers report less peer pressure to quit smoking
A smoker's work environment can be an important element in their plans to quit smoking.

Differences between boys and girls show less than three weeks into pregnancy
Female embryos exert a greater influence than male embryos over the hormone that nurtures early pregnancy, and the difference can be detected as little as 16 days after conception, according to new research published (Wednesday 30 January) in Europe's leading reproductive medicine journal Human Reproduction.

Sandia and Goodyear sign new umbrella CRADA
A common bond in computational mechanics has created a teaming effort between Goodyear and Sandia to replace the tire company's traditional build-and-test design method with reliable computational mechanics simulation tools. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to