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April 07, 2002
Castro, baseball and chemistry: nurturing Cuban-American scientific partnerships
Cuban scientists, working at some 230 research centers nationwide, have developed a meningitis vaccine, improved therapies for speech- and hearing-impaired children and enhanced treatments for sleep apnea and psychiatric disorders.

Psychologists hunt for new ways to detect precursors to Alzheimer's Disease
New research points toward the use of neuro-psychological testing to identify people at risk for Alzheimer's Disease (AD), well ahead of the onset of clinical signs.

Brain center searches for patterns
Duke University Medical Center researchers have discovered the brain region that automatically watches for patterns in sequences of events, even when the pattern emerges by random happenstance.

Higher molecular weight polymer synthesized; means stronger materials
A Virginia Tech graduate student is synthesizing polymers at higher molecular weights than previously seen -- opening the door for stronger elastomer materials, such as are used in tires.

Forces active in self-assembly of novel molecules measured
Virginia Tech chemistry professor Harry W. Gibson has measured the constants that describe self-assembly in the creation of a supramolecular assembly potentially important to the processing of many novel materials.

K-State professors make discovery in pesticide-resistant bugs
Farmers have known for years that insects are able to become immune to insecticides over time.

UPCI presents study on discovery of protein that suppresses dendritic cells
The University of Pittsburgh Cancer Institute is presenting findings at the American Association for Cancer Research meeting in San Francisco, April 6-10.

'Bursting' polymer molecules being developed
Virginia Tech researchers are developing molecules that will change their shape in response to magnetic fields, electrical fields, heat, light, or pH.

Researchers expanding ability of computers to simulate real-world chemical reactions
Computers, it turns out, can't handle every problem at the speed of electrons.

Tests reveal subtle signs of Alzheimer's before clinical symptoms appear
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