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August 09, 2002
Molecular architecture and action of a proton pump
Proteins which transport ions in and out of cells are vital to every living organism.

Interfacing organic semiconductors to metal
A team of Cornell University researchers has received $1.6 million in grants to study ways to interface metal conductors with organic semiconductors, an important step toward making smaller, cheaper electronic devices such as smart cards and wearable computers.

Medical physicist treats spinal tumors faster with new procedure
Working together at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, medical physicists and clinicians have developed a new procedure that treats spinal tumors and relieves patient discomfort faster that current treatments.

Gemini data link celebrated in four-way event
An international team of astronomers will introduce a new data link creating a seven-country

Cooking sweet corn boosts disease-fighting nutrients
Cooking sweet corn unleashes beneficial nutrients that can substantially reduce the chance of heart disease and cancer, according to Cornell University food scientists.

Machine vision - anticipating our every move
The British Machine Vision Conference (BMVC) is hosted by the University's Department of Computer Science.

Obesity might play part in increasing breast cancer rates among Hispanics
Hispanic women have been known to run a lower risk of developing breast cancer than most other women, but their breast cancer rates are climbing-and increasing obesity is one factor that might be to blame.

Discovery of chromosome-capping activator could aid cancer research
A study of an enzyme used by cells to care for the ends of their chromosomes may offer scientists new avenues for intervening in cancer and aging.

Late afternoon at Taruntius
A photo a 60 x 45 km area near the lunar crater Taruntius has been obtained with the Very Large Telescope (VLT) and the NACO adaptive optics camera, installed at the ESo Paranal Observatory (Chile).

GSA Bulletin--August media highlights
Of particular interest are: a study that suggests that the rate of ridge production of new oceanic lithosphere has remained essentially steady over the last 180 million years, thereby challenging current models of sea level change and variations in oceanic and atmospheric chemistry; and research concluding that the rangeland practice of converting native shrublands to non-native grasslands results in a precipitous decrease in root strength that destabilizes hillslopes and leads to increased rates of landsliding.

Investing in environment pays off at 100-1, says paper published in Science this week
An annual investment of $45 billion to preserve large tracts of wild nature will yield an annual return of $44-52 trillion in

Paying reparations for slavery: Merits expose historical implications of race in the United States
While reparations for slavery in America remains a remote dream of activists to be settled by politics, it is an interesting topic to examine in order to shed light on how racial differences emerged and persist in America. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to