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January 13, 2003
Bupropion may help schizophrenic patients quit smoking
Smokers diagnosed with schizophrenia had higher smoking cessation rates when treated with bupropion than with a placebo, according to a study led by Dr.

What shall we talk about? New book by UC Riverside mathematician has 777 suggestions
In his new book

Communication technique may improve health outcomes
Diabetes management may improve when physicians use an interactive communication technique with patients.

UW researchers discover gene mutation associated with a form of Charcot-Marie-Tooth disease
Researchers have found a genetic mutation underlying one of the Charcot-Marie-Tooth disorders.

Breast-cancer treatments and outcomes differ widely among women of different races, ethnicities
Important disparities in breast-cancer diagnosis, treatment and survival among American women of various racial and ethnic backgrounds are documented in a new study by researchers at the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center.

Arthritis drugs may help the heart
Anti-inflammatory drugs used to treat arthritis may also benefit people with heart disease by improving blood vessel flexibility and reducing inflammation, according to a small study in today's rapid track report from Circulation: Journal of the American Heart Association.

Chemical industry outlook somewhat brighter for 2003
The U.S. chemical industry should record fairly solid growth in sales and earnings in 2003, though probably not at pre-recession levels, predicts Chemical & Engineering News in a cover story in its Jan.

Plasma probe scientists ready for Rosetta blast-off
Scientists who built and will control the instruments to investigate plasma changes around a comet describe their contribution to the ten year long mission at a pre-launch press briefing in London today (Monday 13 January).

Boyfriend pressure makes black teen girls more likely to want pregnancy
Poor, black teen girls who think their boyfriends want a baby are 12 times more likely to wish they were pregnant compared with similar teens who expressed no desire to become pregnant, according to a new research.

Human heart tissue generated from embryonic stem cells
Human heart tissue has for the first time been created in the laboratory.

Teen drug use associated with psychiatric disorders later in life
Children who start to use alcohol, marijuana or other illicit drugs in their early teen years are more likely to experience psychiatric disorders, especially depression, in their late 20's.

Scientists identify brain regions where nicotine affects attention, other cognitive skills
Scientists, using functional magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), have identified areas of the brain where nicotine exerts its effects on cognitive skills.

Lack of awareness and control of risk factors still contributing to preventable...
Many of the 1.1 million heart attacks and 731,000 strokes that occur each year in the United States might be prevented by controlling risk factors.

SHRS researchers offer people with disabilities a 'window to the world' of the Internet
People with disabilities experience significant barriers to accessing and using computers and the Internet - studies show that the Web is three times more usable for people without disabilities than for those with disabilities.

NSF workshop highlights future of organic electronics and photonics
No longer the target of solely experimental research, electronic and photonic components crafted from organic chemicals now drive major markets.

Facing extreme ice conditions, coast guard, NSF deploy second icebreaker to Antarctica
Extremely unusual ice conditions at McMurdo Station, the National Science Foundation's (NSF) logistics and science hub in Antarctica, will require two Coast Guard icebreakers to ensure that resupply and refueling ships can reach the station.

Sleep apnea treatment also effective for gastroesophageal reflux
Doctors at Duke University Medical Center and the University of South Alabama have found that a positive-pressure method commonly used to treat obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) also alleviates symptoms of nocturnal gastroesophageal reflux (nGER) in many patients suffering from both disorders.

New Parkinson's drug found effective
A study conducted on 404 patients at several U.S. sites has determined that a new drug called Rasagiline effectively treats early-stage Parkinson's disease.

UCSF study of ancient fly gene offers insights into male fertility
Using a human gene, UCSF scientists were able to correct a defect in infertile flies that prevented them from carrying out a key step in the creation of sperm.

Sigma receptors play role in mediating the behavioral and toxic effects of cocaine
Cocaine is traditionally thought to exert its effects on behavior by interacting with dopamine transporters.

First U.S. application of new simulation standard
Researchers have announced the first successful application in the United States of a new commercial standard for developing and exercising interacting federations of simulations.

Science picks-leads, feeds and story seeds (January 2003)
Looking for hot science stories? This monthly compendium of USGS science information can help you cover the ongoing earth and natural science research and investigations at USGS--footage, photos and web links provided can enhance your story.

'The end of the world' has already begun, UW scientists say
In its 4.5 billion years, Earth has evolved from its hot, violent birth to the celebrated watery blue planet that stands out in pictures from space.

American Thoracic Society Journal news tips for January (second issue)
Newsworthy research studies show that: pregnant women diagnosed with pre-eclampsia have significantly smaller airways; pulmonary function and exercise capcity tests in cystic fibrosis patients have limited utility in predicting whether adult patients can either work or go to school; and hyperventilation can cause persons with familial dysautonomia to stop breathing temporarily, can rapidly provoke low levels of oxygen in the blood, and can cause cardio-respiratory depression.

Discovery of nearest known brown dwarf
A team of European astronomers has discovered a Brown Dwarf object (a 'failed' star) less than 12 light-years from the Sun.

Expanding the genetic code: the world's first truly unnatural organism
From time immemorial, every living thing has shared the same basic set of building blocks -- 20 amino acids from which all proteins are made.

Study finds cocaine use in rats affects adolescents differently than adults
Many people who use drugs start during adolescence, a time when the brain is undergoing many neural changes.

UT Southwestern researchers develop new model for understanding obesity, diabetes
Through the study of fat storage in nematode worms, researchers at UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas have formulated a new model for understanding the mechanisms of obesity and diabetes in humans.

Novel treatment may improve survival rates in patients with abdominal cancer
Researchers at Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center report in the January issue of Archives of Surgery that surgery combined with inserting heated chemotherapy drugs directly into the abdomen can improve survival rates in patients with disseminated cancer of the abdominal cavity.

MIT sugars research affecting bypass patients, drug industry
A young MIT professor's basic research on complex sugars has led to a cascade of potential medical applications that could, for example, significantly improve outcomes for patients undergoing major operations such as heart bypass surgery and impact a multi-billion dollar drug industry. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to